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     If you’re a long time thrifter or flea market go-er, I’m sure you’ve seen them. Great piles of them, most of the time. Kitschy souvenir state plates, popular in the 60s and 70s…maybe even 80s?
I’ve often just let my glance glide over those piles…they didn’t interest me.
     But awhile back…longer probably than I realize…I was helping out a friend. Helping her by selling some of her items on Ebay and Etsy and she gave me a stack of these souvenir plates. I couldn’t say no…and really thought I could do something with them. But never did.
I’ve moved them around with me. Packed them and stacked them away until they were discovered afresh in some closet cleanout. Somehow they always survived the purging.
I even brought them to my booth (when I had one) and maybe sold one or two.

So when Hubby found them recently YET AGAIN, it was time to do something. I have a hard time letting go of things and decided to do some research. And I was pleasantly surprised to see the return to popularity of these types of items.

I turned to Pinterest (where else?) for inspiration.

How awesome is that? You could collect a plate from the states you’ve lived in or vacationed in.
States where family members live. Or a ‘dream wall’. Places you plan on visiting.
I like how the green solid plates are interspersed in there.

Here’s another:

 Photo Cred: Art School Dropout

Try catching up to that collection!

I really shouldn’t have been surprised. I have purchased a few souvenir state plates for myself over the years. New York (where I’m from), Washington / Seattle (where we are now and where Hubby is from), Montana (where Hubby grew up). Along with vintage postcards from those areas as well…I have a little collection that will someday go on display along with some family photos. IF I ever get my act together. I will be sure to chronicle it for you if I do.

So if I want these mementos, why wouldn’t other people?
Then I got thinking, there are probably some serious collectors of these. Or there are versions (older ones and by bigger names) that are worth some money. I think (off the top of my head) I remember Vernon Kilns being a good name. And of course the pink and turquoise designed ones are sure to be a hit. I went to Amazon and sure enough! There are books about collecting souvenir state plates.
Popular Souvenir Plates (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
I think this is worthy of some more in depth research!

Whatever the reason you hunt these down, for yourself or for resale, take a minute to appreciate the charm of these souvenir plates.
And be sure to check out the State Plate listings I’ve managed to get into the Retro Shop. With more to come!  (shoot! only 4? I’d better get crackin’!!)
What about you? Have you gathered any of these plates in your vintage hunts?

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(Oh and I almost forgot! I read about this on another blog. When I do get around to hanging my plates…I’m going to use these. Genius!!(yuppers, this and any other Amazon link is an affiliate…just a disclaimer))

16 thoughts on “Decorate With Vintage ~ A Vintage “State” of Mind ~ Souvenir State Plates”

  1. Great info, thanks!! I was recently gifted some plates to sell in my booth. I had been dragging my feet about taking them in.

  2. We own an accommodations business in addition to Anne Tweekes, our resale business. We are constantly on the search for decorating ideas. In addition to doing this kind of project ourselves, wouldn't it be fun to ask our out of state guest to bring a plate to put on a wall?

  3. My business partners think I'm a little nuts – "they'll just bring old, broken stuff just to get rid of it" is what they say. So, I turn lemons into lemonade and make a mosaic.

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