No….Thank YOU!

I know y’all are too busy even to read this post right now but I thought I’d get it out there and you can come back to it when things calm down. (This post may contain affiliate links. You can see my full policy here.)

I really should have written something here sooner…believe me, it’s been in the back of my mind since around September.

But first! Let me share the contents of that Thank You card! I got a super sweet card from a customer who bought some pieces of stainless flatware.

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Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Thrifter, Yard Saler or Lover of Vintage

Buying gifts for friends and family can be tricky. Buying gifts for friends and family who thrift, yard sale or stalk antique malls can be double-y tricky. You hand them a mall store gift card and they just stare at you blankly. Gift them the latest gadget and you may get a mumbled thanks.

What else is there to do besides cash? You may be surprised to know that a lot of thrift stores have gift cards! Goodwill, Value Village/Savers have gift cards…can’t hurt to ask at the ones in your area. And believe you me, a thrifter can make that $20 thrift store card go a LOT further than one from a mall 😉

I’ve also compiled up some other fun gifts from around the web that will be perfect for the thrifter, yard saler and lover of vintage in your life. This post contains affiliate links. Our full policy is here.

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The Quick and Dirty Guide to Selling Sewing Patterns for Profit ~ Part 2

Thanks so much for your enthusiasm about the first part to this tutorial. You can find the first part of “The Quick and Dirty Guide to Selling Sewing Patterns for Profit” here. (This post contains affiliate links. Click here for my full disclosure page)

For part 2, let’s take a look at a sewing pattern listing itself, discuss a bit on pricing and shipping a bit and then the best part….the BOLOs! (patterns to Be On the LookOut for). I guess I have still more to say!

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The Quick and Dirty Guide to Selling Sewing Patterns for Profit

After seeing how well-received my Quick & Dirty Guide to Selling Coffee Mugs for Profit was, I thought I’d throw together another guide for another of my niches. Sewing patterns. (This post may contain affiliate links. See my policy here. )

Selling sewing patterns is definitely not a get-rich-quick method that will solve all your reselling dilemmas. But patterns are a nice bread and butter type item that can be readily found, usually at an economical price and will sell with enough time. That seems to be the story of most of the niches I’ve settled into. Mostly solid, average type items…with a few amazing stand out items to keep an eye out for that will knock your socks off.

One example:

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Can You Find Vintage to Flip at an Antique Mall?

The short answer is…yes. Is it the easiest place to source vintage items to resell on Ebay or Etsy? No. Not compared to yard sales, estate sales or thrift stores. But I did some antique mall browsing this past weekend and I gleaned some tips. (This post contains affiliate links. See our full disclosure here)

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Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, How Does Your Profit Pile Grow?

This is how. (This post contains affiliate can see our full disclosure here.)

((Stay tuned down below for more info on my finds from this picture…this is also a thrift haul post…I promise))

So my 20th anniversary is this week and we are such procrastinators that we didn’t really plan much for it. We’re not the lay on a sunny beach type people so we didn’t have some tropical getaway plan from way back to mark our 20th. We’ve got some other trips planned this year and so that’s what we’re saving our money for.
We did have in mind to get away this past weekend and we did. Brought the kiddos and visited some friends. And thrifted!

You may be wondering from my title what a profit pile is. You, as an Ebay or Etsy reseller, may know it as a death pile. It’s the backlog of inventory that grows faster than you can list it. A “death pile” will slowly grow and suffocate you…but that’s too stifling. If we look at it in a more positive way….as a “profit pile” – that focuses on the potential. It’s just MONEY sitting around your house. It’s motivating!!

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It’s March 21st Already??

I don’t know why, but this month is flying by. Maybe because I haven’t done my taxes yet and April 15th is LOOMING. It has been pretty busy.

My kids were sick…twice!! I fortunately escaped both times but Hubby succumbed.

It got up to 80 degrees this week! Isn’t that insane for the PNW in March? Oh well. So lots of outside time too.

Then with the remaining time we’ve been focusing on homeschooling. So I’ve been trying to list and work but I had no leftover brain cells for blogging. And I’m sorry…not much exciting today…except another thrift haul.

Click here to see my latest haul video on YouTube. (I have it as a link to click because it seems when I embed the video here…it slows my blog down. Not sure.)

I do have a few blog posts in the works and hopefully will get to them before too long. Thanks for hanging out with me!

But wait!!!! ….I just went to town and hit up our little town’s only vintage slash antique store. I used to have a booth there. Look at my goodies!!!

Those World’s Fair Seattle glasses are for me…I’ve always wanted to put a set together but after being in WA for about 15 years…it hasn’t happened yet so I struck while the iron was hot! The booth owner is a friend and she gave me a bit of a discount too.
Fun patterns, vintage postcards (some more various World’s Fair ones) and a couple jewelry pieces….check out that enamel and silver planet brooch!! Oh my! Oh…and that mug? FINEL baby!! (FINland ENamel…as in Arabia of Finland.

Okay…that’s all…just wanted to share a couple more