Spoils of the Hunt

Well, the Vintage Weekend Show was a fun time had by all. Looking forward to the next one, October 24, 25 and 26!
On the vintage hunt end of things, we found a few things lately that I wanted to share. 
First off was the small pottery vase in the picture up top. I loved the look of it and it felt like quality. The only thing I could read on the bottom looked like “Wiinblad” and so I brought it home.
Initial research led to the name “Ulla Wiinblad”…but I wasn’t finding much in completeds or any information at all. Then I made sure to pop it on Twitter using the hashtag #thriftbreak and quickly had some help from fellow vintage hunters, Karen and Daniel from The Papers.
It turns out that Winblad didn’t have 2 ii’s in it! I was spelling it wrong. And the whole name I needed to be researching was Ulla Winblad-Hjelmqvist. 
With that information I was able to find out more.
Ulla Winblad-Hjemqvist was born in Sweden, emigrated here to the Pacific Northwest in 1967 and passed away in 1992. According to her Seattle Times obituary, in the 1980s the King and Queen of Sweden were visiting Seattle and bought a set of her dinnerware!

A permanent exhibition of her work is on display at The Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle.

Our next find is a bit bigger.
 It reminds me of the top of a barrister bookcase. The glass door lifts up. It was perfect timing because friends of ours will be in the Farm and Frills show this weekend. We usually add a few pieces into their booth and Hubby helps with setup/teardown. This piece will be perfect! Display and for sale!
I also found this set of Vera Neumann pillowcases still in their original package. I haven’t pulled them out (package is already open) to take a full on picture…but they are typical Vera fabulosity!

Okay, one more share…then I’d better get to work. My list feels endless today!

I found two of these sweet nursery jars in blue. Turns out the tape holding the lid down on one of them was hiding a chip (grrr) but the remaining one is beautiful in its retro wonderfulness!
It reads “Round the Clock with Baby”. I believe they were made by Glasco and there were originally 3 of them that came with a tray. This one with the glass lid I believe is a bit earlier. Another version had plastic lids.
This would be so cute filled with cotton balls in a baby boy’s nursery!

Okay. Off I go!
What have you found while on the vintage hunt lately?

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Spoils of Thrift ~ Yard Sale Season is Here!!

Well, all of that wasn’t from yard sales. I actually forgot to take a picture of the things I found at yard sales on Friday. That’s okay. There’s more summer to come. And the yard sale season is just only slowly starting out here in the unpredictable PNW.
But the main item that I picked up at a yard sale on Friday that I wanted to share was this bowl:

After looking around on the internet and not finding this bowl under Finel, I sent the picture over to the helpful folks on Twitter (using #thriftbreak). Got an immediate answer that YES this is Finel. (Arabia of Finland) Several more chimed in that they agreed and that it was a rare pattern.
I was elated and listed the bowl on Etsy. Then one more Twitter user piped up with thoughts on what the bowl has sold for…so I quickly revised my listing and raised the price about $50. Good thing, too…because even at the newer higher price, the bowl was quickly snatched up that evening. Gotta love the quick flip.
So the rest of the items were found at a thrift store last night.

These cute little egg cups were marked Norway 222 so I brought them home. The third one actually had another mark that I eventually made out to read Stavangerflint.

A couple chalkware plaques with a Dutch boy and girl motif. Too cute to pass up.

And another iconic stoneware figurine couple. I love these figurines and have a bit of a collection of my own. Its hard to keep track who makes what, (UCTCI, Fitz and Floyd, Takahashi, etc…) so it was nice to find these with the labels intact.

FF Japan for Fitz and Floyd. Love that balloon!

I told Hubby to convince me that these glasses were not necessary to our inventory, but he thought they were too cool. So we got ’em. He’s the shipping department so who am I to argue?
If any glass peeps want to tell me what they are…feel free! They do have the cursive L, so I at least know they are from Libbey. And textured daisies? I guess I can figure them out. 🙂
I forgot to get an upclose of the pitcher in the top picture.
Also by Arabia of Finland but a little more common. I’ve seen this pitcher a bunch of times on Etsy and thrift blogs, but it was fun to find one in person.
At the thrift store, I hadn’t yet gone down the pitcher/butter dish/platter aisle, and as Hubby went down it he asked me if I had been down there. I said no, but it didn’t stop him from holding up the Arabia of Finland cow/bull pitcher and saying “Have you seen this?” It was so hard to say “No I told you I haven’t been down there quick grab it and put it in your cart weren’t you listening to me!!!??” all in one second.
But I managed.
Anywho, it’s the more common brown and has some serious crazing issues, so I’m not sure what it’ll fetch but its a fun piece to have for awhile.
So them’s the highlights.
What did y’all find?
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The Spoils of Thrift ~ Anniversary Edition

So Hubby and I celebrated our 15th anniversary last week and in true Mr and Mrs Recycleista fashion, we went out to dinner and then went to Goodwill. Then on Sunday, since the weather was gorgeous we grabbed the boys and drove out to the ocean. Of course we hit a couple thrifts along the way!
It was fun and we found some cool stuff. Worthy of a Spoils of Thrift post!

Let’s start with the bunnies. They still need cleaning up. Actually Hubby found the plain white one a week or so ago and we hadn’t gotten to listing yet when we found the floral one. They are by Hammersley Ceramics and they are cotton ball dispensers!

Speaking of rabbits, we found this in our garden.

The sweet little black and white bunny that has adopted our yard and garden turned out to be a she not a he and  left 6 of these and 1 solid black one in the garden shed. Cuteness overload!
And another classic bunny:

Little child’s cup featuring Peter Rabbit by Wedgwood. Beatrix Potter is always a winner!
Moving on to another classic childhood favorite, check out this sugar bowl:

Paddington is still taped up…took just a quick shot for the blog. Paddington is always popular, so I was looking him over and saw the bottom stamp:

Vintage Paddington! Even better!
Seems pretty rare. I’ve found some cookie jars but no sugar (honey?) bowls yet.
Lets go more Scandinavian now.

The pewter salt and pepper shakers are Konge Tinn. I love the little holder they’re in. Sometimes I love living in a relatively small town that’s not really into Mid Century. These shakers were in the display case at Goodwill for weeks at a price I didn’t want to pay. Apparently, no one else did either, since I found them the other night on the regular shelves at a fraction of the price. Thank you very much.
The middle bud vase is my first piece by Porsgrund Norway.
And the piece on the right…just looked cool. I felt like I should know it, but I couldn’t make out the bottom mark.

A little Googling later, I find that its Soholm Denmark and found this nice blog post that told me more.
Next up, some Denby. Always a favorite find:

We actually picked up 4 of those little individual casseroles or bean pots on the right.
And on to a little more England: Portmeirion Botanic Garden vase:

Botanic Garden has quite the following, so you’ll find this site to be helpful for deciphering the backstamps:
Backstamp Gallery

Oh and I’m saving my real favorites for last. Check out this carafe or decanter.

It’s by Taylor Smith Taylor and is in the popular Boutonniere (aka Ever Yours) pattern. It’s missing the wooden lid, but it seems that most of the ones on Ebay are.
Okay and my AB-FAB find of the weekend?
This pink metal tissue box holder decorated with a POODLE and the EIFFEL TOWER and rhinestones!!!

Crazy fabulous! Who thinks up this stuff??
Which was your favorite find! Can’t wait to see some of your recent scores as well!
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My Thrifting Bucket List….Revisited

Back about a year and a half ago, in October 2012, I wrote a post about my thrifting bucket list. This list is comprised of items that I’d like to thrift once before my thrifting days are over.
This was the list back then:

“Let’s see..other items on my Bucket List:
  • Cathrineholm – hopefully the Lotus pattern. I’ve found one plain piece of cathrineholm before but not the popular stuff.
  • Curtis Jere sculpture or wall hanging.
  • Oneida flatware Paul Revere pattern
  • Dansk flatware Fjord pattern. Okay, maybe this one doesn’t count..cause I actually found some once. It was in a baggie at Goodwill in the hardware section. Hubby said he picked it up and looked at it, then put it down. I found it a few minutes later, saw the IHQ and grabbed it. It was years ago, before I knew anything about anything. Fortunately we put it on auction and did pretty well. Now that I know flatware and could do better…I want to find it again. 
  • Pendleton Navajo jacket
  • Vintage Ralph Lauren sport-theme sweatshirt or jacket.
  • Georg Jensen sterling anything.”
Of course, long time blog readers will recognize that I found at least one item on that list: The Curtis Jere wall sculpture.  (see photo above)
So here is my new, revised list. Remember, I’m choosing things that are POSSIBLE to be found, not once-in-a-lifetime-there-are-only-6-in-existence-rare type things.
I’m also gonna add some things that weren’t on my Bucket List but should have been, but I already found them. lol. 
Well, it makes sense in my own mind. 
  • Cathrineholm – hopefully the Lotus pattern. I’ve found one plain piece of cathrineholm before but not the popular stuff. (Still a good one. Still haven’t found any.)
  • Curtis Jere sculpture or wall hanging. (YAY!!)
  • Oneida flatware Paul Revere pattern (Not sure why I thought this was so special. I’ve found a ton and there are plenty o’ patterns that sell better.)
  • Dansk flatware Fjord pattern. Okay, maybe this one doesn’t count..cause I actually found some once. It was in a baggie at Goodwill in the hardware section. Hubby said he picked it up and looked at it, then put it down. I found it a few minutes later, saw the IHQ and grabbed it. It was years ago, before I knew anything about anything. Fortunately we put it on auction and did pretty well. Now that I know flatware and could do better…I want to find it again. (Yeah, that would still be cool)
  • Pendleton Navajo jacket (ditto)
  • Vintage Ralph Lauren sport-theme sweatshirt or jacket.
  • Georg Jensen sterling anything.” (Well, I did find some GJ stainless flatware…but I’d still like some sterling. Jewelry would be fun)
  • Dansk peppermill
  • Russell Wright flatware (got this from a commenter on my last post)
  • Big E Levis  (Should have been on my list, but we found ’em)
  • Finel enamel bowl (Just found the hearts one..see next post down)
  • Zoo-line Animal Figurines
I guess that’s it for now. Now, I’d love to hear from you! What’s on  your bucket list??

Spoils of Thrift: Denby Stoneware Super Haul

Okay, so much for the thrifting fast. I tried to be really good. I didn’t go all week. Then I talked to Hubby and he said he didn’t so much mean a ‘thrifting fast’ as just a….’thrifting diet’. And more exercise…er..um…listing!
And so, no surprise, while we were out doing errands, Friday night found us at the thrift store. I was kind of meandering the store, not in my usual order (or else I would have seen these already) when Hubby texted me to come over to the dishes. When I got there, he had about half of these in his cart.

I knew they looked awesome, but didn’t know exactly what they were. So I flipped one over. At the same time, Hubby said one word. “Denby”. He said, “I assume you want them”. 

How well he knows me. 🙂 Plus he just packaged and shipped 3 of these mugs for me this week:

They were listed less than a day and all went to the same person. So he was familiar with the name.

I like Denby pottery. But I will say, not all patterns are created equal. If you find Harlequin footed mugs, they will fly out of your store. Other patterns…not so much. I still pick up most Denby I find.
Surprisingly enough, the above pattern doesn’t show the greatest sell-through on Ebay. But that’s okay. The pattern is called Gourmet. These are mid century (discontinued in the 60s) and I think they are pretty awesome. I think my Etsy buyers will too. I don’t mind holding on to them until finding the right buyers.

That night was a night for breakables.
I found these glasses too:

They are Seattle Centennial glasses and they are bit hard to find any info on. I’m going to have to do some more digging. I found one that sold so far. I believe they were made for Seattle’s centennial celebration that began in 1951.  (just scrolled down far enough on that link and found 2 of my glasses!)
But I haven’t found a whole grouping of these for sale, so I’m kind of excited. I have 10. Eight unique ones and 2 doubles.

They show things like “Landing at Alki” and “Battle of Seattle” and “Chief Seattle” and “Rush for Gold”

Anywho, I dig vintage Seattle things so I was happy about that find.
We also saw these dinner plates that night.

At first, I saw “Dansk” and thought they were interesting, but it also said “Japan”.

I usually only get excited when I see “Denmark” with the word “Dansk”. But something was ringing a bell and so I did a quick search on my phone. Sure enough, these plates are pretty sought after and are part of the BLT line. I’ve sold some of the BLT Bronzestone mugs before, so that’s probably why they rang a bell.

Anywho, this is what comes of a thrifting fast. 🙂

The Spoils of Thrift – Thrifting Binge

I think we actually hit our thrifting limit this weekend. Much discussion today from DH about how we need to go on a Thrifting Fast now.
Not that DH wasn’t right with me on the Thrifting Binge. We were both caught up in the fun.
Check this. Friday and Saturday. 50% off our entire Goodwill stores.
On Friday we went with friends and had NO CHILDREN with us.
So it wasn’t so much the number of thrift stores we went to…but how thorough we were able to be on our own.
And the amount wasn’t crazy…I’m just used to spreading my thrifting out to more of a 3-5 times a week finding a little bit each time – type of shopping. This was more concentrated.
So this is part of the spoils. We also got some things for ourselves, toys for the boys, etc..
We also got some vintage clothing that I didn’t have time or a way to photograph yet: Pendleton men’s western blazer, Pendleton women’s duffle coat, LL Bean barn jacket, Eddie Bauer down vest, a vintage leather vest from France.
Also…Hubby has some plans to upcycle some things, so I didn’t get pictures of all the bits and pieces that he’ll be re-using and re-purposing.
Let’s begin the tour:

This sweet little pincushion girl is missing her thimble.
I think I’ll add a vintage one of my own to her little tray. It’s by Schmid.

Pyrex!! Cute little cups with plastic holders. Need I say more?
Oh..and I love that yellow handled mixer!

Collection of Denby mugs and a sugar and open sugar bowl. Love me my Denby!

Okay, this is a new fascination with me! Vintage lamps! Remember this post, back in September where I found the Bitossi lamp and the Laurel lamp? Well, I made about $500 on those 2 lamps and so now I’m hooked!!
I’ll share better pictures of these lamps when I actually list them, but the one in front is on a marble base, has a glass ball and then teak or walnut ‘tulip’ style leaves. It needs a bit of work..and I may have Hubby rewire it so I can ask a bit more. The lamp in the back is in really great condition. It’s teak (or walnut) and has a leather wrap. I’ve seen similar ones marked “Made in Denmark”, but mine has felt on the bottom and I haven’t removed it to check.

This set of books is by Carl Sandburg and is about Abraham Lincoln. They are the greatest color!

Some vintage games, a brass rocking chair and an old darkroom timer. The timer looks cool enough as it is..but DH might claim it to repurpose into something awesome!

This is more an Ebay pile..some SAS shoes, Dansko Vegan shoes, wallpaper border, and a couple Wear-Ever Super Shooters.

Even though these sale days are pretty much the only time shoes and neckties and purses go on sale, I only picked up about 4 neckties, one clutch purse and a few pairs of shoes (some for ourselves too) There’s a radio thingy in the background for one of DH’s schemes and a set of NIB walkie-talkies. We already have some vintage holsters for them, so they’ll make a nice lot.

Holly Hobbie fabric. Bought a couple other pieces and a bag of vintage hankies for my MIL to create with.

Now this right here is money. 🙂 We use these in our own Diaper Genie and they’re usually about $6 each. Picked up a bag of 5 of them for $2. WOOT! I may have been the most excited about this find. lol!

I just realized I missed a bag…vintage clutch, little copper tart pans, Neil the Frog creamer from Sears and a big ol vintage spatula. And these beauties:

At first, I picked them up for the colors…then I realized they looked really familiar! They match Taylor Smith Taylor’s popular Boutonniere china pattern! These are juice glasses.

Okay, that’s it. I did remember I picked up some vintage hangers, a big old vintage snowsuit and…I’m sure there was something else. Feel free to ask any questions!!

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The Spoils of Thrift ~ A Few Firsts

My first Blenko! It even has a sticker so I didn’t have to be unsure. But it’s not vintage. 🙁 I bought it anyway, because I still think its cool. The sticker has a website on it. (hard to see, kinda faded)

Oh well, it looks like the current ones have an okay resale value if they are something unusual or if they are signed. I think I’ll just keep it. It was just fun finding it!
The other day I found some Dansk Kobenstyle. Another first. Of course it had to be brown and the largest size Paella pan they make!

This baby is 13.5 inches across! She’s already listed in The Retro Shop since brown is not my color. Unless it’s liquid and in a coffee cup.
Then since it’s been awhile since I’ve done a ‘finds’ post, I have a few that were from awhile back.

This brass trivet is from Virginia Metalcrafters for Williamsburg Restoration. It is the Queen Anne Cypher or Royal Monogram. Pretty funky, if you ask me. Copyright on the back is 1950.

Okay, I have a confession to make. I totally have an office supply fetish. I am one of the most disorganized people I know, yet I love to look at organizing supplies, desk supplies, anything like that. I usually don’t buy…unless it’s a planner or journal…have way too many of those I don’t write in already…but they are pretty irresistible. So this fetish carries over to vintage, of course. LOVE vintage desk accessories, tools, supplies..all that stuff. I buy vintage pencils all the time. One of these days I will get around to listing them. I have a bit of a backlog of things like this:

Isn’t it cool? You’d be surprised at how much pencil sharpeners can go for. Not this one, per se, but overall, there are quite a few collectors. This one was way awesome and I love the kind that suction down to your desk.
Speaking of backlog, when my Hubby spotted these at Goodwill the other day, he claimed them. Like I mentioned, he’s been listing away on Ebay and has opened his own Etsy shop. (more about that another day). He says I have too many Couroc trays that I haven’t listed (totally true) so he claimed them. They are pretty awesome and I think the Bartender one will fetch him (us, hee hee) a pretty penny.

I warned him that Couroc trays are HARD to photograph, which is why I haven’t listed mine. I can’t get the photos right. He’ll see.
And no thrifting trip is complete without some flatware!

Some flatware from Pier 1 that someone had so thoughtfully separated out from the bins of mixed silverware. I guess they changed their mind when they realized it wasn’t a full set.
And mixed in there are these bunny cheese spreaders.

Unmarked, but they were pewter and rabbits which generally means Arthur Court…and I was right.
Well, that’s it for this round.
Hope your adventures in thrifting have been successful as well!!
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