The Spoils of Thrift ~ Hello March!

Well, March started off with some fun finds! I’ll probably race through them since my throat is kinda scratchy (has been for a day or 2) and it feels like my lungs are tightening up. If this is a cold or virus thingy, it’s a slow moving one. I hate those. Let’s just get this over with!! But in any case, I need to get some sleep.

As you can see from the above picture, our thrifting started with a bang on Thursday night with a trip to Goodwill. Hubby and I both ended up in the dishware aisle and were scanning the mugs. Goodwill and their crazy Starbucks mug prices!! Anyway, all of a sudden I hissed “Heath! Heath! Heath! Heath!”
Hubby said, “What?? You sound like you’re doing Lamaze!!”.

Out of all the pieces, these were the best. And unfortunately, one of the salad plates had a chip that we missed. They are already listed here and here. Better than Starbucks!!

That night at Goodwill we also found a Black Butterprint Pyrex bowl. I swore off picking up Pyrex. The return just isn’t good enough, Hubby hates shipping it and it takes up a lot of room to store. But I still can’t resist the cool colors!

Pyrex Black Gooseberry 443 Cinderella Mixing Bowl 2.5 Quart 

Here are a few other items from that night:

Apple mugs by Lauffer.

Rosti of Denmark red Melamine mixing bowl

And a Russel Wright by Oneida bowl.

So then on Friday, I was with the MIL and all of a sudden she was taking a turn and telling me to get ready to hop out. I was chatting with someone else in the back seat and didn’t realize she had seen a moving sale sign. I didn’t have any money but we decided to scan and either return with cash or scrounge up some pennies.
Fortunately, this was my kind of sale…tons of old stuff and it was priced at 25 cents, 50 cents. Fun!!
First of all, I hit the Free box on my way in.
Found these 4 magazines from the 70s.

I recognized the author as a popular one for Tole Painting. And you can’t beat free!
Then it got really fun.
I went inside and the elderly owner had a box of vintage costume jewelry on her card table where she was taking money. I started scanning (mostly for my MIL who makes purses with vintage, recycled materials) and right away saw some blingy old rhinestone brooches and a black cameo. Sorry no picture, MIL took it for a purse creation. But I asked how much and it was extremely reasonable! So I had to do it.
I asked if she’d consider selling the whole lot.
She said…’sure, I guess’.
I asked ‘How much?’
She thought and thought and finally said ‘Make me an offer’
Darn it!
I hate that. So I thought and thought and delayed. I had seen some good pieces but I didn’t want to insult the lady.
Finally she blurted out a price which was $15 less than the number in my head!
So glad I waited!
We scrounged up the cash and went on our merry way. But I knew I had to come back since I didn’t have time or money. Plus I heard her on the phone telling Hubs to bring her other 2 boxes of costume jewelry! What I discovered was that the jewelry belonged to Hubby Dear’s aunt. Perfect!
It’s always nice to deal with someone who has no emotional attachment.
So here’s the first lot:

Here are a few of the better pieces:

MIL took a lot of the blingy stuff…but I found that many were missing stones, so she’ll repurpose them.
Just a lot of fun.
When I went back I was more selective in the jewelry and ended up with mostly owl jewelry. Auntie Poo loved owls so here’s the collection I ended up with.

Now if you are an OWL fan…you need to stay tuned to the Recycleista’s Retro shop and Facebook page in the next week or so. Got some exciting OWL plans coming up!!

Okay. So much for brevity. It’s highly overrated.
A few more little things from that sale.
All of these items were in one box for one price.

Okay, you need a closeup of one mug.

And I love the pattern on this dishware.

It’s called Devon Peach and it’s by TG Green.
I really like these wine glasses. I can’t believe I didn’t recognize them as being Pfalztgraff in the Village pattern.

And these mid century Libbey glasses balance out the cutesy country-ness of the box.

Are you still with me?
One last item. Vintage linens. I don’t know why. I’m terrible at listing and selling them. But they were cheap. And cute. 🙂

Okay, I lied. There were a couple more items. But I’ll share one more with you. That’s it. I promise.

California Pottery jug by Hedi Schoop of Hollywood, CA. She usually does figurals, so this is kind of unusual. It’s almost so ugly…I like it!

Okay. I’ll stop. Swing on by A Living Space’s Nifty Thrifty for some more great finds! And Thrift Share Monday with Apron Thrift Girl..and Thriftasaurus with Sir Thrift a Lot. I’ll be linking up!

An Estate Sale To Remember

Okay, I’ve made you wait long enough.

So Sunday, I was in a town that I’m not normally in and we were dropping something off at someone’s house. Errand done, we noticed an estate sale just winding up right around the corner. There was a big dumpster out front, and some items on the driveway. As we approached, the people running the sale very tiredly said, “The items out front here are free. We are just so DONE.”

It was mostly canning jars and such, but there were a few odds n ends and so we poked around. Hubby grabbed a huge vintage Lazy Susan that is a nice solid, stained wood piece. That’s his deal, but I can see its usefulness. He also grabbed a cool vintage brass bowl.

Then I saw a stack of dishes.

Checked the mark on the bottom and after turning it around a bit, I made out “HEATH”. Sweet!
Heath Ceramics was started in California by Edith Heath in the 1940s. Some of her designs are in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

Later research revealed that the line is called “RIM” and it was designed in the 1960s. It’s still made today, so I’ll have to research the mark a bit more to date these better. One dinner plate on the Heath Ceramics website goes for $36.50.

But it gets better.

We wandered further into the garage but there wasn’t much there so I was starting to get the idea that it was over. There were a lot of people, but I think most people were actually family. Someone asked if we were done or waiting to checkout. (it was confusing). I asked if there was more inside the house.
So one lady said to another, “Well, I suppose they can go look in that one closet….in the kitchen”. So they turned to us (there actually was one other woman customer) and said, “There’s a closet in the kitchen full of dishes that we didn’t even get to, it hasn’t been touched at all.

Did you catch that?

An end of estate sale, untouched by greedy dealer hands (the only greedy dealer hands were mine, the other customer wasn’t a dealer) closet in the kitchen full of dishware!!!!!

So I feigned politeness and said, “If you don’t mind, if it’s not too much trouble….” as I walked into the house.

The woman showed us the closet and it was kind of funny, because the other customer and I were trying to be polite and not rush it. We both kind of peered in, but when I realized we’d be there all day, I jumped forward.

One of the first things I saw was this:

Wasn’t sure right away what it was, but Black Americana is collectible so I put it aside to decide on later. Well, as you can see, I did keep the little chef. Any guesses as to what it is? (answer is at the bottom of the article)

Then it got really good.

I pulled out a large enamel covered cast iron Paella pan and flipped it over. Yup.
Le Creuset.
Then I pulled out a small Dutch Oven (or French Oven) in the same burnt orange color.
Then I pulled out a large Dutch Oven…same color.
The insides are pristine!!
One of the owners opened the bottom of the stove/oven and said, “Oh I think this goes with it too”. It was a small open baker/ pan thing. (not sure the official name)

Note the color and the interesting handles. I assumed from the color that these were from the 1970s and I was right. In 1973, Le Creuset enlisted designer Enzo Mari to do a special line of cookware, which he called La Mama.

Hubby was sweetly standing by, holding our free finds, letting me do my thang, so I picked up my LC (it was so heavy my knees almost buckled) and plopped it over by him.
Don’t get me wrong, the other customer was not into these things at all. She I think grabbed some aluminum bread pans and then when she found a stoneware one, offered it to me. So not a dealer. 😉

But it wasn’t over.

I picked up one more dark brown bowl and flipped it over.

Arabia of Finland.
It’s an open vegetable bowl. I didn’t know it at the time, so I wasted precious moments looking for a lid. It’s listed on a replacements site at 59.99.

I’m sure there was so much more. There just wasn’t time. And the family was trying to finish and they looked wiped out. I was quite happy with what I got. But it makes me wonder what I missed….

So I asked the owner, “What can I give you for this?” She hesitated because I could tell they were just happy more stuff was going out that they didn’t have to deal with. Then she said, “$5.00???”
That was so nice, but my conscience would not allow that, so I gave her more.

It was really an estate sale situation that you normally only dream of. Twenty pounds of cast iron kept me from floating away.

Oh…and the chef? There’s a hole in the top and right as we were paying I realized it was a….
..Pie Vent/Pie Whistle/Pie Bird type thing. Sweet!