June Update: Road Trip Picking and What’s Been Selling?

So I didn’t really want to just throw another thrifting haul post out here because the last time I was here…it was a haul post and we talked about the Profit Pile dilemma. But sometimes when I haven’t blogged for a bit, it’s the fastest way to ease back in.

But I’ll change it up a bit and share a bit of what’s been selling as well.

So in May, our little family went on a road trip to visit family and friends. We were gone for about 16 days. We traveled from Washington to Montana, down to Moab, UT and back home again through Idaho and Oregon. Of course we did some thrifting along the way. ūüėČ

I did try to control myself a bit. lol. Some thrift stores I went in and didn’t buy anything. I went to Goodwills, a few smaller thrifts in Montana and Utah, a Savers (first time for me! I usually go to Value Village – I know, I know, same store) and a couple Idaho Youth Ranch thrifts. I also shopped in an antique mall and a private vintage dealer that my MIL is friends with.

It’s a fun side aspect of road trips. Hubby doesn’t mind and my boys are troopers. They get to hit different driving ranges (FORE!!) and I get to hit the thrift stores. It all works out.

I’d like to say I have all of the stuff above listed….but I don’t. Eh…profit piles?? What did I tell you? The awesome Branchell plastic handled flatware is listed on Etsy and so are the Oster beehive blender recipe books. The Taylor & Ng mug I think turned out to be current, not vintage so I popped it on Ebay. The whimsical wooden egg cups are listed but I haven’t gotten to the Irmi nursery switch plate covers or the Bakelite handled cake breakers.

Not shown are the many, many sewing patterns I seemed to have come across in every thrift store I went into. lol. Just what I needed…but some were hard to resist. Like this one:

I have been making a concerted effort to load up my shops with my niches. I have loads and loads of patterns and I seem to come across good ones fairly regularly. But they can’t sell if they’re not listed. So I’m trying something kind of new for me…it’s called “working hard”. ROFL. I crack myself up.

What I’m doing is actually thinking ahead about what I want to list. I normally give in to my short attention span and just grab some random items that either I just bought or that are in plain sight. I love research and so that part can slow me down.

So yesterday I grabbed about 20 patterns that were all the same brand, the same type and generally the same sizes. So I listed all Vogues, all dresses and then grouped them by size and photographed them in that order. I took all my photos, edited the photos all at once and then sat down and pounded out half the patterns last night and the other half this morning before the kids got up.

This has been recommended for YEARS by seasoned resellers but I always found excuses. I do 5 coffee mugs and I’m like….*yawn*. But I have to stop thinking and just start listing! Otherwise I will never make a dent in my pattern/flatware/jewelry backlogs. Today I pulled out some flatware and when my kiddos are done with their school work, I’ll take a bunch of pictures.

And I did sell one of the patterns I listed already! It was this one:

I may have been able to squeeze a few more bucks out of that one but I was still balancing research time vs listing time. And I ended up selling another pattern today for $25 so that was good.

Flatware sales have been doing pretty well also. Once I opened my shops back up after vacation, it seems I sold a ton of flatware! I realized my shops’ inventory was getting low. The slower selling soup spoons and knives are what I mostly have left. So I was happy on our trip to come across a set of Oneida Mansion Hall flatware that I could piece out. I paid up for it…paid about $54 for the set but I’ve sold $135 worth so far.

I also scored some dinner forks and teaspoons by Oneida in the Clarette pattern and I’ve sold about half already.

I also wanted to update you on a couple sales from the anniversary trip thrift haul in my last post. I ended up taking an offer for $40 for the Paragon cup and saucer. It was after our trip and I wanted sales! Had to fill up the coffers!

Also, the Totem serving spoon from that last haul sold pretty quickly for $24.99.

To wrap this up, I just want to mention a couple other things I found on my road trip. These weren’t vintage or even in my niches but they are something I keep an eye out for. Blank media. You might even say, blank obsolete media. There is still a demand for it. These microcassettes (for voice recorders and answering machines) and Sony MiniDiscs sold within 24 hours of listing them, for $28.99 and 49.99. Always worth double checking!

Well, I’d better get back to work! How has your Spring been going for reselling? Staying busy? Lots of yard sales to hit? Feel free to comment below!

My Top 5 Vintage Finds of 2018

It’s that time again! Another year older..and hopefully smarter! Smarter in¬†my buying choices? I hope so. Although I’m afraid that I do buy too much and don’t list fast enough. A goal to work on. (This post contains affiliate links)

My Top 5So what is the criteria for making this list?¬† Sometimes it’s an item that was super profitable¬†or sometimes it’s something from my bucket list. At times, I classify¬†a find as “best” if it’s completely unusual and I’ve never seen one before. (And¬†also is sellable). I love being able to learn things from my finds too.

This year although I purchased a lot of bread and butter items, there were a few standouts. I’ve been trying pretty hard to stay within my niches, so let’s start with my best finds in each of those. (Flatware, sewing patterns and jewelry).

  1. WMF Cromargan Stainless Flatware lot
    For flatware, it has to be this set of WMF stainless flatware that I found in a bag at a thrift store. Love when they bag up all the pieces of the same pattern! You may remember this one because I think it was in a Friday Finds post.

WMF Nortica
WMF Nortica

The pattern is called Nortica. I think I paid about $5 for the bag. It had 25 pieces in the bag but it was not a complete set. I have now sold all the pieces of this set in 8 different sales for a total of: $466. Oh to find flatware like this on a regular basis! This satisfied my love of mid century vintage…plus it was profitable!

2. HUGE Lot of Vogue Sewing Patterns (plus others)
This is the purchase that has pretty much overwhelmed me with sewing patterns. LOL. It did make me go through my already huge inventory and cull the ones that weren’t worth listing individually. I bundled some up and sold in lots. Others I just redonated.
IMG-2765These sewing patterns I bought on Mercari. I started off buying one lot from a seller. I could see that there were good designers in the lot and it would be worth it for reselling.


Well, she kept posting more lots. After a few more purchases and some communicating…I found out that she had gotten the whole collection from the husband of a seamstress who had passed away. He was overwhelmed and about to dispose of everything. She rescued the patterns…but then got overwhelmed herself. So she started just selling them off in lots.
I had bought¬†a few¬†of the Vogue lots…(patterns from the 90s and early 2000s) but then she let me know there were also VINTAGE patterns in other brands. Like from the 50s and 60s! Oh my. How could I say no? I bought those. Like boxes and boxes!!

Finally, she was down to a few boxes of newer patterns. Kind of a hodge podge. She was moving and just needed them gone. She offered them to me for just the price of shipping. Sigh.

So now my sewing pattern inventory is SET for a really long time! I have done well with many of them on Ebay and Etsy. I have much more to go. I should be listing nothing but sewing patterns for most of this year!! lol.

Let’s talk about sourcing on Mercari for a minute. ($10 sign up coupon coming up!) Mercari is a selling app that you use on your phone…BUT they have a desktop version that I *think* has most of the features as the mobile app. I do know you can list from your desktop, but you may have to have the mobile app before you can access your account on desktop. I have sold quite a few things¬†thru the app and¬†the listing process is FAST!¬†I have sold mostly things from around the house. I could have cashed out and had the money sent to my bank, but honestly…for the most part I¬†turned right around and used the credit to source inventory right on the site! I’ve bought…you guessed it! Flatware, sewing patterns and jewelry! lol.
If you’d like to try out sourcing or selling on Mercari, click here for a referral link.¬†(you may have to access this link on your phone to set up an account. Not sure.)
You’ll get a $10 coupon to start and I’ll get a couple bucks. (affiliate disclosure)

3. Vintage Turquoise and Puka necklaces.


This first necklace I found at an estate sale. The sale was a complete mess…jumbled items all over the place. Nothing was priced.¬†It was a real pickers and diggers sale. Which I loved. Usually the prices reflect the mess…but this one was an antique dealer’s son..and he was in the business too. So each item got “louped” and evaluated before he gave a price. All in all, not terrible prices. But I worked for what I got!

Researching this turquoise necklace, I learned the word “Heishi”. Roughly, it’s used to describe the disc shaped beads that are formed from natural materials. You can read more about it here. I sold mine for $185. You can see my listing here.


This second necklace was equally, if not more of a surprise. I had seen this shell necklace hanging up in Value Village but it was like $8. I know most shell necklaces are not worth a lot…but then there are some that are worth A LOT! I hadn’t learned the difference yet. I looked at that necklace for several weeks at the thrift store…thinking it was probably something but not wanting to spring for the whole $8. A few days later I was reading something on one of my Facebook selling groups and they mentioned how some vintage Puka shell necklaces were valuable. They showed one that looked just like the one at Value Village!! Guess where I made a beeline to!?!

Fortunately it was still there¬†and I was happy to pay the full $8. lol. I sold it for $135. Keep in mind that it’s only SOME Puka shell necklaces that will garner this price. This one was purple and heavy and chunky. Your average 80s/90s surfer-look Puka necklace will not sell for this much. Here is some information on Puka shells.

4. Eva Zeisel Dishes 

Eva Zeisel for Hallcraft
Eva Zeisel for Hallcraft

I keep swearing I’m not going to buy dishware or breakables…but sometimes rules are made to be broken. Especially when you come across Eva Zeisel for Hallcraft dishes!
I found several pieces and a bit more diligent searching of ALL the thrift store shelves yielded more! All of it sold fairly quickly for a nice price, which was great Рdinnerware takes up shelf space!

5. McCall’s Pattern Cabinet

McCall's Sewing Pattern Cabinet
McCall’s Sewing Pattern Cabinet

I’d say this one is more of personal bucket list find. And technically it’s connected to one of my niches…but look at its awesomeness! This was a store cabinet from somewhere that sold McCall’s sewing patterns. I am using it for inventory storage.
I had always thought it’d be great to have one..but they are usually high priced at antique stores or on Craigslist. Hubby offered to make me something¬†custom¬†but he doesn’t really have time. So when I saw this for $65….well of course it was mine!

So that’s the dealio. Another year gone by. I’m hoping to hit more yard sales and estate sales this year.

What about you? What was your favorite find of the year?

Weekend Finds ~ To the Vintage Hunter Go the Spoils

Whenever I’m trying to get back into a blogging schedule, I feel like I need a bit of a warm up. Doing a “finds” post is the easiest way to get back in the groove! I have to make sure you’re still out there…((Hallo!!!))…and I get to show off a few things! (this blog post contains affiliate links)

NEAPOLITAN (3)So today I went thrifting. I wasn’t planning on going thrifting. The day just kind of fell that way…Hubby was exhausted..actually, we were ALL exhausted and decided to attack the errands in town all together. LM2 was especially wiped out and didn’t want to go. He’s such a homebody that I didn’t pay him much mind and told him he’d feel better by the time he got some Denny’s pancakes into him. Well….that never happened because he threw up even before we ordered. Sigh.

So back home we went, with me turning right around to do the above mentioned errands. Hubby was still exhausted, so he gave up any idea of being productive at home. There was no need for me to rush back since he was staying and resting and totally in charge of the kiddos. (On a side note, LM2 got home, ate a sleeve of Saltines and drank some Gatorade and was pretty ok for most of the day.)
On my way out the door, Hubby told me he hoped I would find something good at Value Village. I feigned righteous outrage for a nanosecond but then gave up. He knows me too well.

But really, I had NO plans of hitting Value Village, because I was there on Monday. But with that kind of expectation weighing on me…I did my best to live up to it. ūüėČ

And of course, I found some stuff. Not a TON of vintage…but flippable stuff. Let’s start with the flatware….because that’s where I usually start in the Value Village.
DSC_0001These 3 pieces should sell for about $15 apiece. Of course, I did have to buy them in 2 ‘baggies’ with other random flatware. A few of the pieces will get added to other pieces I already have and the rest will go in a big mixed flatware lot that I always have going.

The 2 fancy salad forks are marked with that fabulous “cube” mark that goes with Oneida Heirloom Stainless. The pattern is Shelley. Remember my Shelley score I blogged about here? It helped pay for my dental work. lol.

The teaspoon is in the Morning Blossom pattern also by Oneida. I recently listed a casserole spoon in that pattern and I noticed the selling prices of the other pieces. It got added to my mental file. Always learning, I tell ya!

EDIT**The teaspoon is NOT “Morning Blossom”…I was wrong about that..trying to rely on my faulty memory. Now I can’t remember what it is…but I think I put it aside to add to other pieces.**

So…then I bought socks. I know, not something you see here often at Recycleista-ville. lol. The Field and Stream Cozy Cabin socks are for me…but of course I just checked and could maybe get about $12 for them on Ebay. Hmm…my hot-flashing self may not need these…and I also just noticed that they’re infused with Aloe?? Not sure how I feel about that. #greasyfeet
But the Hunter boot liners are definitely for flippin’. Hunter boots are HOT. #resellingtip. I figured the leopard print would be an added bonus.

So guess what happens next week? Yes! It’s gonna be 2019!!! That’s nuts. Anywho…with the new year brings renewed thoughts on getting organized! What does that mean for us resellers? Getting organized? Yes, maybe. But also we need to sell ALL the things related to getting organized. I didn’t find any great planners to flip but I did grab these planner accessories. The Franklin Covey hole punch I’ve sold before but I’ve never found it in the box. And the Happy Planner one I grabbed (after a quick check online) because I knew how popular the Happy Planner is…and I have one of my own (that I don’t use. #bestofintentions)

DSC_0004Okay, a few vintage items finally! A kitschy turtle earring holder. (can’t resist the kitsch sometimes!) and a photo album. Also a few sewing patterns. The one on top (Simplicity 5247)…is a fairly desirable, well selling ($25ish) one that I mistakenly put in a craft lot recently. Ouch!! Well it happens to us all. But I found another one! So I have a chance to redeem myself.
But more about that photo album. This is what makes it special:

DSC_0005Always. Always. Pick up photo albums made specifically for Polaroid pictures. They will always sell.

DSC_0008Okay next. Just in case you think I missed the mug aisle. ((No way, not after the post right before this)) These are by Fitz & Floyd, of course and are part of the “Ski-lympics” series. They are not in the greatest of shape and need some TLC, but I couldn’t pass them up.

DSC_0006Now for my second favorite find of the day. At Goodwill, they rolled out a cart of dinnerware and ceramic collectible souvenir bells (shudder).  But nestled in there were these odd looking salt and pepper shakers, all taped together.
DSC_0007I looked at the bottom and saw the name Swid Powell. Now, that’s a name that’s been at the periphery of my thrifting consciousness but I couldn’t tell you a thing about it. So I did a quick Ebay search and saw high listing prices for this pair of shakers. My hands were crazy full so I stopped researching there and decided to take a chance. The education alone would be worth the price.
Turns out there were none of this style in solds. Hmm. I went over to Worthpoint and found a couple pairs that had sold for about $40ish. Good enough for me!

Swid Powell was a NY based company founded in 1982 that promoted and sold innovative Post-Modern style dinnerware, designed by prominent architects of the time. This pair was designed by  Tigerman & McCurry. Interesting! I can see what rabbit holes I will be diving down later. #alwayslearning

Speaking of rabbits. On to my last and FAVORITE find of the day. I spotted the telltale glaze of Howard Pierce pottery through the bag hanging on the magical bag wall.


Flipped it over and bestill my heart! Bunnies!!

That was my thrifting day in a nutshell. Hit one more Goodwill and it was a bust. How about you!? Have you found anything good lately? Share in a comment below!!

(PS- I used smaller photos in this post. Too small? Good enough? Didn’t notice? I’d appreciate the feedback! Thanks!)


Friday Finds ~ To the Vintage Hunter Goes the Spoil

Just a quick pop in to share a couple finds. I’ve actually not bought that much since the last time I shared. Had another out of town trip and found some really good flatware…I guess I didn’t share that with you except in my newsletter. (sign up is over there on the right….or maybe on the bottom if you’re on mobile).
Other than that, I didn’t get much in my local thrifts the last couple weeks except a couple really fun, educational vintage items.
This post contains affiliate links.

neapolitanLet me start off by sharing the flatware score. It’s by WMF Cromargan. It was in a bag at Goodwill all nicely bundled up together for one price. Love it!

DSC_0074So far I’ve sold 5 out of the 25 pieces for $120. Here’s what the pattern looks like.
DSC_0086Two Salad Forks by WMF Cromargan in the Nortica pattern.

The next fun find was this small trinket box or dresser valet box in this fabulous red color. The color is really what caught my eye.

DSC_0014 (2)With that sticker on the front – Ming Dragon Blood – I thought I was dealing with an Asian made item. I am woefully ignorant of the value of items from China (vintage that is) and so I almost didn’t bother.
But curiosity made me at least Google those words and I was surprised that they were attached to a mid century Californian potter named Brad Keeler.

One of Brad Keeler’s grand-daughters runs a website/blog that you can access here to read more about¬†his history. I learned from that site that the “true red” glaze shown on this piece was formulated by Mr Keeler and named Ming Dragon Blood by him.

You can also click here to see more examples of his work.

My last find was also a fairly unique item from around the same time period, or perhaps a bit earlier.

DSC_0002 (2)Can you guess what it is?

DSC_0007It’s a hand carved perfume vial holder! The perfume is called “Tropic Kiss” and the label says “Remembrance of Pikake” (a flower used to make leis).
The older style label is what caught my eye as I scanned the bag wall at Value Village.
I can’t resist taking a closer look when I see something with obvious age.

I did a quick search on my phone of “pikake perfume”….everything was new perfumes…so then I added “wood” and found some comps. Nothing exact but solds were in the $40 range so I thought I’d go for it.

Once I got home and did more research, I discovered the carver was John¬†A Oya and that his items were quite collectible. (Yes, it does say his name on the label, but I’m afeered I’m nearing reading glasses age….yikes!)
The label also gives the location as Honolulu, H.T. which means Hawaiian Territory…putting the label at pre 1959 when Hawaii became a US State.

These hand carved perfume bottle holders were marketed as gifts for American military serviceman to send back home during WWII.

This one I found is in the shape of torch ginger and is probably made from Milo Wood. It’s in fabulous shape for it’s age and has a smidge of thick sludgy perfume left, lol. It seems to be a bit rarer of a design, so comps that I found for this exact item are a bit higher than what I originally researched in the store.
Hoping to get both of these items listed this afternoon.

I know what you’re thinking. These last two items do NOT fit my niches.
But researching vintage items is SO MUCH FUN. And at least they’re small. ūüôā
So…for next time. I bought a nifty little testing kit for my jewelry selling that I haven’t tried out yet. It’s a really affordable gold testing kit I got on Amazon. I will give it a whirl and report what I find!!

Flippin’ Flatware ~ Recent Thrift Store Finds ~ A Video!

I made a video again y’all. Ugh….SO not my comfort zone..but I’m willing to learn. I have no storage on my phone right now and so I used my old iPad mini which is super awkward.
I’m just technologically challenged with making videos…so I have to do some research! People make such cute ones with graphics and writing and such…no clue how to do stuff…I’m sure there’s an app for that though. ūüôā

So here ya go!

If there’s something else you’d like to see in video..or different information about flatware…let me know! I’m open to ideas! I’m not sure I’m ready to face the camera, lol…but I’ve got some thoughts for things in the future that I just have to learn how to do.