An Etruscan Mystery

I picked up this Etruscan horse planter the other day. It’s ceramic. And I think its colors are amazing. 
Yes, it’s a planter.
I’m not sure exactly how to describe it. It’s ceramic…it pings when you tap it. The orange part is painted to look like there’s a wood grain underneath. Or maybe it’s just brush strokes.
You can see right there by the neck, some paint has chipped. It’s white underneath, kinda like plaster. Is this one of those things that came premade and you just painted it in a craft class or something? What were those called? 
In any case, the artist signed his work. Not that I can read it.
I think it says Larry Larson. 
If you were to sell this, what would be your title? Help a new momma out with some keywords!!
Thanks everyone!

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