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But first, an apology. I disappeared! I shouldn’t just disappear like that. I always tend to think I need to do a big, beautiful blog post and if I don’t have time, I just stay silent. But I should have at least touched base.

Now, you know we had our epic 5 week road trip. Then we got back right before school started. My 5 year old started kindergarten. So I have both boys in school full days now. I should have more time, right? Not so far, lol. I also upped my involvement in some volunteer work and many days I’m out of the house the same hours my kids are. Then when I’m home, it’s housework, homework, cooking, laundry, etc…and then of course…listing! So the blog was on the back burner a bit.

As of yesterday at 10pm…2 hours before the deadline…I finished my taxes for 2016 that I had filed an extension on. Woot! Procrastinators unite! So now I am rewarding myself by writing a blog post and reconnecting with y’all!

Okay..onward and upward!

Today’s Vintage Glimpse is about a new-to-me club called the Fad of the Month Club. This was one of my MIL’s thrifting finds that she graciously let me have.

Even the envelope is gorgeous! The date on this is 1963. From what I gather, you would subscribe to this club and every month they would send you a small craft to complete. You could pay in advance or pay month by month ($1 per month).

DSC_0139This particular one I found was from January of 1963 and was a “Garden Party” apron. Inside the envelope were instructions and material to complete the apron.

DSC_0141-001There was also an order form to re-order past months’ Fads as well as some bonus kits for the current month that were generally less than $1. Here’s a picture of what was available in February 1963.

DSC_0144Members were encouraged to sign up other members and doing so could earn them prizes.


I looked at other Fad of the Month Club listings on Etsy and some were much bigger and involved. Looks like fun!

What about you? Have you heard of the Fad of the Month Club? Do you remember it? Were you in it? Feel free to leave a comment below!

This Fad of the Month club Garden Party apron kit is listed now in my Pish Posh Notions Etsy shop!

18 thoughts on “A Vintage Glimpse ~ Fad of the Month Club”

  1. It is good to see you posting again! This feels like early Loot Crate and subscriber services of that ilk. Neat to see that it has been a thing for this long.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad to be back. Yes…I hadn’t thought of LootCrate, etc. Those are finished products, correct? I was wondering if this type of concept would work today with craft kits…but with Pinterest, I’m not sure. Maybe an online version would work. Although having all the supplies included is nice. Now I’m just rambling and thinking aloud…lol

  2. Hi! Forgive me for butting in to your website, but I was doing one of my occasional searches for the Fad of the Month Club online and found your post. I’ve been collecting the Fad of the Month Club kits for 15 years or so. It started in 1947 (as the Month’s Fad Club) and ended in 1981. They had lots of apron kits over the years. Just in case you want to see what some of the other kits were, here’s a link to a page of the site I’m working on (or, to be honest, failing to work on much), showing the post cards for the 1960’s kits; the post cards started appearing in 1962.

    They are a lot of fun. I’ve made hundreds (literally!) of them.

    My mom was a member in the early ’70’s, and I got to make some of the monthly kits and also some that she ordered from their catalogue. I was a member of the FunCraft club for children, briefly (it didn’t last long).I still have a couple of the kits I made, and am still trying to get my hands on some of the ones that I wanted from the catalogues but never got!

      1. Wow, that is a time machine for me.

        My mother subscribed to the club through the sixties, she did all the projects requiring sewing, I did the ones with woodwork, painting, casting, etc. Somewhere in my archives (dusty boxes in hall closet) I still have those bookends.

    1. Thank you so much for that information! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. I would love to add the link to your site to the main article if I may.

    2. Hi Leslie,
      I remember the pleasure I got doing the fad of the month, but the only one I really recall was the partridge in a pear tree. The pears were felt-covered, and we pressed sequined into the wings of a styrofoam partridge. I had a very poor childhood, but the fad of the month was a highlight. Do you have this one; I’d love to see a picture.

  3. I found you when I was googling the Month’s Fad Club. I have a kit that was my Mother’s from 1930. It is burlap made from pineapple to make a place mat with!

  4. Yes, I belonged to Fad of the Month Club in the 60’s. Had small children, not much money , so the $1.00 @ month was great. Looked forward to getting my craft each month. It was something special for just me to do. Loved it.

  5. My mother loved the Fad of the month club. I always wanted to assemble a kit. Finally one Christmas she let me decorate a styrofoam clock that said “HolidayTime” . I’m thinking it was 1961. I put it inside a wreath and still use it on the wall at Christmas

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