A Vintage Education ~ Dating Old Canning Jars

┬áVintage canning jars are one of those things that have kind of been in the background for me. I see canning jars fairly often at thrifts and yard sales and I normally pass right over them. Most are newer and clear glass. I’ve picked up a few in the past, just for my personal storage…I like those kinds with the glass lid and wire bail.
I found the one in the picture above at an estate sale and I knew the zinc lid was a good sign for age and I loved the aqua color.
I also recently came across this reference: HERE is the website I found it on. Lots of great information there!

So let’s take a look at my jar again using the above information.
Hmm…no underline…yes! My jar dates from 1923-1933!!
Wow! I love this!

The number on the bottom of mine is 2. I was all set to research that when I read this on the Minnetrista blog:
“These are called mold numbers. They identify the position that the mold in which the jar was made held on the glassmaking machine. Most machines would have from eight to ten molds, all making the same type of jar. The quality control people used the number on the bottom of the jar to identify which mold was producing bad jars. The number has nothing to do with when the jar was made.”
Well that sorts that out.
I found the next jar at that same estate sale. It’s by Kerr and it’s clear.

Not a whole lot of information to be found about Kerr, just some history. But my jar has seams…which indicates post 1915 when the jars were machine made. Also there’s a Patent Date of August 31st, 1915 on the bottom of the jar…so obviously after that. Some more research to be done! But that’s the fun part!!

Vintage canning jars are popular with collectors and DIY-ers. There is quite the selection on Etsy as well.

8 thoughts on “A Vintage Education ~ Dating Old Canning Jars”

  1. This was a super cool post. I think one of the funnest parts about finding items is the research and education that comes along with it! I have a question that is a little off topic, but wanted some thoughts and welcome other opinions as well. When listing on ebay and etsy, what profit margin do you typically expect to make before you say no it isn't worth my time in listing. I guess what I am tyring to say is, would you list an item if you knew you would only make a couple dollars at most?

  2. So sorry I missed this!!
    I agree that the research is the best part! As far as profit margin goes…hmmm…i struggle with that a bit. Some stuff is just FUN! If it's quick to list and i know it will sell quickly, i may do it. But over the years, I have definitely raised my minimum. I like to only list items $10 and higher…especially on Ebay. Etsy i may go a little lower especially with multiples.
    Some lower priced items I've been trying to move on Facebook and Instagram. Less fees!

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