4 Reasons I Love the Thrift Store Bag Wall!

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Does your local thrift store have a ‘bag wall’? Around here, the thrift store chain Value Village has them. (aka Savers or Unique Thrift..in different parts of the country)
They are my favorite part of the store!4 ReasonsHere’s why.

1). The thrill of the hunt.
You never know what you will find in a bag. They are found in various sections of the store. Bags of collectibles. Bags of housewares. Bags of toys. Craft bags. There may be one item that jumps out at you right away but you have to dig a bit to see what else is in the bag. Fun stuff!

2). Value.
Many items for one money!
IMG_64023). Easy No sticker removal!
The items are all in a bag, with a price tag stapled to it. Remove the staple, open the bag and everything is good to go! No large, pesky stickers on every single item that throw off my listing mojo!!

And lastly, my favorite.

IMG_64044). Hidden surprises!
There have been several times where I have gone after a certain item or 2 in a bag and plan on just donating the rest of the items. Only to take a second or third look at those items and decide to throw them real quick up on Ebay. Guess what sells overnight? That last minute item!
Here’s an example.
I can’t remember what else I wanted in this bag but I remember there was one of these:

DSC_0010Teak Handled Cheese Plane by Spar Norway

This utensil is one of my bread and butter items I sell in my Etsy shop. Not super exciting, I just grab them when I see them and usually have at least one listed in my shop. There must have been something else in the bag…another vintage utensil or something.
But as I was going through the bag, I came across these recipe cards that looked handmade.


I hadn’t even looked twice at them in the bag in the store. Then I looked at the original sticker on them.

DSC_0008-001I was like…”huh. Williams-Sonoma. Good brand. New in package….why not?”. Took me a few minutes to list…and BAM! no kidding. Overnight sale of $12.99.

Okay, so yeah..not getting rich. But $13 for those, $15-18 for the cheese slicer…and who knows whatever for the other thing I found in there. lol. Let’s say another $10. That’s roughly $35 for a $3 bag investment. Works for me!
That actually would be a fun kind of challenge…can I sell EVERY item out of a bag? Hmmm….What do you think? Maybe we’ll do this in video format.

So what about you? Does your thrift store have a bag wall? Any great scores?


4 thoughts on “4 Reasons I Love the Thrift Store Bag Wall!”

  1. Great to see you posting again! I check in from Canada. Thrift store bag wall find this week Digsmed Denmark 12 taper candle holder of metal and wood with some teak egg cups for $3.99. Not lucrative but fun. Down side – flatware bagged or taped in groups where they don’t match or brand impossible to identify b/c of way it’s packaged.

    1. Awesome! I love finding good vintage in the bags! I mostly seem to end up finding ebay-worthy items..discontinued stuff. And yes, flatware can be good or bad. Our VV recently went nuts and tried all their flatware bags at 6.99 each. Uh…no thank you. They’ve recently dropped them back down. And fortunately, if they have a bigger set of matching flatware items…they will bag them together. Otherwise, they are mostly spread out through tons of bags.
      Another thrift I go to has started taping 4 pieces of flatware together for whatever reason…Removing that tape! oy!

  2. One of my thrifts does a few bags, it’s just a rack above some shelves rather than a wall… Never really found anything great in them so far. 🙁 Also, we don’t have the Savers chain here, I have no idea why… I guess they hate Ohio? lol

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