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Welcome to Part 3 of my Selling On Etsy series! You may be here because you’re already a reader of my blog or maybe this is your first time here. If the former is true, you may want to skip the next few paragraphs (yawn, old news…). If the latter is true, let me introduce myself.

My name is Shannon and I have been an Etsy seller for almost 10 years. Currently we have 5 shops on Etsy, but one of those is only open off and on…we just don’t have the time to dedicate to it. (more about that below)
We sell mostly vintage on Etsy and some supplies. We don’t currently sell handmade…but a lot of the principles I cover in this series I *think* should be good for both.
My Hubby runs 2 of the shops for the most part and I work on the other two. Plus we both sell on Ebay.
Let me just give you an idea about our sales so you can judge whether my advice will work for you or not. You may be looking for bigger numbers but all I can do is just share our experience. Your mileage may vary.

  • (as of 03/2016) My main shop The Recycleista’s Retro Shop has been open from 2008 until now. I’ve had approx 1400 orders containing 1571 items. The revenue on that was $26,009. That number does not include tax or shipping costs.
  • (as of 03/2016) Hubby’s main shop, Metal and Tweed, has only been open since 2013 and has had 431 orders containing 448 items. His revenue so far is $11,554.  (08/2016 update: M&T is on a short break while we decide what to do with our shops)

A couple notes on that. First of all, Hubby is kicking my butt!! I do believe his price points are a bit higher. So that helps. Plus, the early days of my shop I didn’t work it as hard as I started to in about 2012-2013.

So that brings me to today’s topic. If you’re here and new to Etsy or thinking about selling on Etsy you may want to check out Part One.
Selling on Etsy ~ Part One ~ Why Sell on Etsy ~ My Top 5 Reasons

If you have an Etsy shop and are struggling with it or just want to work it a bit harder, you may want to check out Part Two ~ Getting Your Items Found ~ Photography . And then be sure to follow my blog as I plan on continuing this series!

So from my time on Etsy, I have consistently found that there’s one thing that will affect my views and sales. It never fails. And Hubby has noticed the same thing.
How to Get Your Etsy Items Found. My #1 Top Tip that always works for me.Here it is.

Just keep listing.

I know!!! Simple, right?? But it’s true. You need to list consistently on Etsy to have views and (hopefully) sales on Etsy. Whenever I neglect my store, views and sales go down. Same is true with Hubby.
Adding new items is great. Tweaking older listings is fine too. Re-doing a photo or two and fiddling with prices. All good. Just BE there. Sign into your account daily and play around. Do something.

No time for a new listing? Tweet or pin a few of your items. Find an item about to expire and redo the title, move the pictures around and tweak the tags. Probably in the four months since you listed that item you’ll have learned something new about SEO or photography and can do a few updates. Or, you’ll see some error or omission that completely escaped you before.

Yes. What you’re selling is important. Photography is important. Titles, tags and description of your item are all important. (And yes we will cover all those in future posts 🙂 )
You could have the most perfect listings in the world, but if your store is stagnate, the chance of your items moving goes down.

I hear from a lot of sellers who loaded up their Etsy stores all at once with maybe 10-20 items and then sit back and wait.
Nothing happens, so they say, “Nope, Etsy doesn’t work. I’ll go back to Ebay or Amazon or wherever”.
First of all, 10-20 items is not enough. Second, you have to work it!

Here’s another reason I say this. Hubby and I have different stores. We have completely different styles of listing. Hubby is way more patient and thorough. His titles are complete..his descriptions go on forever…he gives so much thought to each item and how a buyer might find it. I’m more of a slam-bam, here are the main points, do-you-want-it-or-not type seller. Every year (for the past few years) our sales in each store are about even. 
But when we ignore our stores? When we can’t list anything new? When we get caught up in our Ebay listing or working on another Etsy shop? Because, believe me, that does happen to me a lot. Be it for a few days or a week or more, our views and sales suffer.

**So HOW we do our listings is not as important as HOW OFTEN we list.**

Another example is our 5th store. Vintage Paperology. Neither Hubby nor I have had much time for it lately so I ended up just putting it on vacation.

Why did I just put it on vacation? Because I knew that if we didn’t have time for it….listings would just sit. I wouldn’t have time to add new items or promote or anything. All the items would just slowly fall off and expire. Which is what happened. No views, no favorites and definitely no sales.
It was NOT what I wanted any random visitor/customer who found their way there to see. So I felt better (and less guilty) by putting the store on hold for awhile.

So that’s my #1 Top Tip for getting your items found (and hopefully sold) on Etsy. Like they say, “If it ain’t listed, it can’t sell” or “if you list it, they will come”.

Oh okay…I do have one more bonus tip for you. Say you have a bunch of great new items you want to add to your Etsy shop. You only have the weekend to do it. 
Go ahead, make the listings. Launch a few. But then…save the rest as drafts. Then as your week goes on, take a few minutes every day or every other day to sign into your shop, and move  1-2 items over to Active. 

So how about you? Are you an Etsy seller? Have you had this same experience? Please share your stories below!

14 thoughts on “Selling On Etsy ~ Getting Your Items Found ~ My Number ONE Top Tip”

  1. Interesting, to parcel out the listings. I did an experiment last year and listed around 30 vintage clothing pieces in two days of a flurry of posting. Got favorited a few times, sold an ugly Christmas sweater and that was it. Granted, I priced too high – again was testing the waters.
    If I do sell again, I will employ your method.

    1. Yeah, I personally don’t usually have large stretches of time where I list tons of things on Etsy. I’ve done it a few times where if I list about 5 things and I know that the next day I’ll be busy..I may launch 2 or 3 and save a couple for the next day. I kind of do the same thing with relists of expireds…just a few a day, not all at once.
      Hope it works for you!

  2. Thanks for the tips Shannon. Really helpful. My Etsy store has only been active for a little over a year so I’m still learning and experimenting. I had to laugh because before I read your post I clicked on the link to your husbands store and was noticing how thorough his descriptions are. Then I read your post 🙂 I wish he’d write my listings. I don’t have the patience to do that.

    1. I know, right?? lol. I don’t say anything because he’s actually fairly fast at listing…but mine are much shorter and still sell. lol. I figure if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  3. I purposely let everything expire at my one shop, Top Kat Vintage, and just started fresh. I was thinking of doing exactly what you suggest…posting more frequently and just being more present. I’m also about to play with my other shop, Semplice Gourmet, and do some serious tweaking. Great article!

    1. Thanks for coming over to check it out! Yes, it seriously is the one thing I do that helps the most. Of course there are slow times..those are just things we don’t have control over so i try not to worry about it!

    1. Yes, and I think I’m suffering for it now…our weekend away..I didn’t have time to plan any listings to go live over the weekend. I’ll be busy this week building it back up. Thanks for commenting!

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