Why I Love Etsy

Where else could you sell 3 rusty safety pins for $9? Don’t get me wrong, I love old rusty items. I love the patina and story that goes with older things. I wish I was more creative to know what to DO with them. Ok, maybe I could come up with a project, but I lack the motivation to do it. I guess I am not a true art-eest.
But, when I see things out and about, I know what people might like to use in THEIR art. And that’s what I offer in my shop, Vyeshi on Etsy. Not only vintage items, but supplies for the altered art, mixed media, assemblage artist.
Take a look at some of the more interesting things I’ve sold on Etsy.

Found a box of these vintage flashcards which has maybe 1000 cards in it. Have sold 9 sets of 50 of these at $3 each. Box is only 1/2 gone.

Vintage hardware always does well.

What would you do with these? Don’t throw anything away…you never know who might need it. Oh great. Now I sound like a hoarder. I don’t have a problem. Seriously. I don’t.

A single page out of a damaged book. $11.
Ok, sometimes it’s better NOT to know what people are going to do with things they buy.

And to end things again on a rusty note. $7.50 for this. It was the cute little box which sold it, i think.

Anyway, the point is recycling can take many forms. If I’ve kept these things out of the landfill just a little longer and given them new life as part of a new product, then that’s something. And I made a few bucks. That’s something else.

Check out the eBay Coach’s New Blog for a Giveaway!!

So many of you are familiar with Suzanne Wells’ blog, eBay Selling Coach. If you’re not, you should be! It’s full of TONS of tips on eBay selling, including WHAT to look for at thrift stores to sell on eBay. And that’s what we’re all about, right?

Well, Suzanne has started a new incredible blog full of tips about alternative sources of online income called Make Money With Your Brain. And today she’s running a giveaway for a $30 Starbucks Gift Card!!

Go check it out!!

Wednesday’s Flip of the Week – Harley Davidson Fleece

This week’s flip was a pleasant surprise for me. I had read on various “Be On the Lookout For” (aka BOLO) lists that have been complied that Harley Davidson items were great sellers on eBay. I hadn’t found anything until a few weeks ago when I found this fleece hoodie. Women’s size XL. Has a great side 1/4 zip with the name “Harley Davidson” in orange along the side. It was in great condition (just a little lint-y). It only cost $3.79!
I put in on eBay with a 7-day auction and as you can see it ended at $33.76!

Another item to keep on the lookout for when you’re thrifting for things to sell on eBay!

A Hidden Moneymaker In Your Pantry

I think we’ve all noticed this little logo on various items we’ve purchased. Box Tops for Education. They’re on items like Cheerios, Hamburger Helper and Kleenex. Maybe you’ve been cutting and collecting them for your child’s school. And that’s great. This program helps school get needed items like books and supplies. Each Box Top is worth 10 cents.
If you don’t have a school you’re supporting, there’s still a reason to cut and collect these Box Tops.
You can sell them on eBay!

A search of completed listings reveals that 100 Box Tops goes for about $10 on eBay. 200 will get you $20. Not bad, especially if these are from items you’ve already purchased or buy on a regular basis. You’ve got a potential treasure hiding in your pantry and recycle bin!

A New Goal for a New Year

About this time of year, it seems most people are thinking of resolutions, goals, things they want to accomplish in the next year…or even the next decade. When I make such large goals, they don’t usually work out that well. I tend to be too vague, too optimistic.
So I think my first goal this year is to tone it down a bit. I will try to set one specific goal per month and see how I do.
So for January, 2010 my goal is….drum roll please….to try to find an item on eBay itself and flip it. In other words, find an auction that’s, how shall we say, less than optimally written, win the bid, re-do the listing and sell the item at a profit.
I’ve read lots of stories recently of people who have been successful at this very thing, including the eBay Coach. See her latest story here.
There’s also a great eBook by Don Hoppe Jr called eBay Arbitrage The Complete Guide to Flipping which includes tons of tips and free software.
So my goal for January 2010 is to do some more research, find at least one item on eBay to resell and then try eBay Arbitrage!!
I’ll keep you posted with how my experiment/goal works out!