LISTING CHALLENGE ~ Turn That Stash Into Cash!

Okay, so last post I mentioned the fact that I *may* have a problem with a bit of a backlog of inventory. The thrifting is just too much fun and I can acquire much faster than I can list and sell.

And I know I am not alone. Several of you mentioned in the comments that you’d be up for a listing challenge to help attack those backlogs!

In that last post I showed the items I dug out of a bin. So far I have sold the tartlet tins! That’s $24 (before fees) that is now in my bank account, not in a bin in my storage!

How much more CASH can I make from my STASH?? How much cash do YOU have hidden in those Rubbermaid bins and boxes? That’s the challenge for November! Let’s turn that stash into cash!

Join the Stash into Cash Listing Challenge! Got a backlog of inventory? Do you thrift faster than you can list and sell? We understand!

It can’t sell if it’s not listed…so that’s the first step.

For this first week of the challenge, I want you all to keep listing. By all means keep up with newer items that have come in. But for every ‘new’ item you list I want you to take one ‘old’ item from your stash and list it as well.ย I am going to do the same thing.

This is November 1st and already Tuesday so we will run this assignment until Sunday. Next Monday we will have another specific assignment for thatย week…and so on. By the end of the month we will see how much cash we’ve generated from our stash!!

Comment below if you are up for the challenge! Feel free to comment all week about your progress. I will also be running this challenge on my Facebook page so come join me over there! Over on Facebook you can share pictures of items you’ve uncovered and feel free to share the listing links there with us too! If you’re not a Facebook person, no worries…just share here!

31 thoughts on “LISTING CHALLENGE ~ Turn That Stash Into Cash!”

  1. I like it! I only thrift once a week, and always tell myself that if I haven’t listed everything I picked up the previous week, that I won’t let myself go thrifting the next week. But do I ever *actually* hold myself accountable to that? Nope.

    We have family coming into town for three weeks (from out of the country) over the holidays, so I would love to get rid of my backlog before then! Count me in. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Sounds good! Lol. It’s hard to have that self discipline when the thrifts are calling! And having company is always good motivation. I just end up ‘hiding’ everything! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I made myself stop thrifting for a few months to catch up. While it helped I still have tons to list. I did get a few items last week but I think I’m done. But still going for the challenge thanks

    1. Thanks for joining us! Yes everytime i start digging into my bins I think…”I gotta stop shopping!!”. lol. I’m going to have to do what you did if I am to make any kind of headway.

  3. I’m not admitting per se….but I may have dug out and listed $900 worth of “quick nickel” priced swimsuits and Ugly Christmas sweaters today alone….have I mentioned I love eBay’s multi-quantity and size variation listings? ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. I have been a bit “off” lately. I think the challenge will help distract me AND give me some cash. Win-win! I’m in =)

    1. I understand…I’m coming off a week of doing almost NOTHING in my online shops and not caring! I have had a few returns and weird situations and I was like…’eh..whatever’. Trying to get my mojo back by challenging myself!

  5. I’m here & I’m with you eager to see how much cash I can generate from my stash.
    I haven’t shopped for more than a month…but I was not here for three weeks of that time so that made not shopping a little bit easier, LOL and of course, I have a backlog to work on.
    I’ll share be sharing your challenge on Twitter!

  6. I’m in! I have boxes stacked full of inventory that go unlisted! And I’m going to a big church sale tomorrow! Yipes!

  7. So on my first day I managed to list 4 and 4. Four old and 4 newer items. Yesterday was crazy busy and i was in and out all day. Today I’m hoping to finish the stuff I pulled out on Tuesday and then pull some new items and prep them as well. Feel free to stop over at Facebook and post some pictures!!

    1. Day 3 and I have listed 18 items as all are old for me since I had to stop going until I have made a dent in what is here. I am sneaking out tomorrow to see an estates sale. Im justifying it by telling myself I stayed home during yard sale season. Thanks for being here. Keep clicking

      1. oooh have fun! I admit i stopped at a Goodwill with my family tonight. Hubby bought some work pants, the boys got some books and I got…..just a few pieces of flatware! ๐Ÿ™‚ Passed up a lot.

  8. I will be Happy to join the Challenge ๐Ÿ™‚ However I have an unique situation in that I Love Vintage, and since I have a small Antiques/Collectables (Vintage) shop … I have about 3-6 people come and sell me Treasures every Saturday. I would
    love to find others with “Mountains” of Treasures to list and sell, and encourage and cheer each other onward! I have been a Power Seller on eBay for 18 years. Look forward to getting to know you who are a part of this Challenge!

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