How to Find Completed Sale Prices on Etsy

NOTE: This app is currently being worked on, due to some changes Etsy made in the appearance of pages of sold items. We will update you when things are back in action! 

I’m getting a feeling of deja vu here. I’ve written this post before.
But as we know, nothing to do with online reselling ever stays the same for long. The methods I’ve used in the past to find completed sale prices on Etsy either don’t work anymore or are too klunky.

Fortunately I found a fabulous new solution to finding completed sale prices on Etsy!

How To Find Out What Something Sold For on Etsy There used to be a super spy sneaky way of finding out what individual items sold for on Etsy that involved 1) opening the listing you’re trying to research 2) right-clicking on the description and hitting Page Source 3) playing Where’s Waldo in the resulting lines of code to find the hidden price.

I also found another option, but that required cutting and pasting the link to the Etsy listing to another web page. Super slow and klunky.

I always thought…wouldn’t it be nice if you could just see the completed sale price right ON THE ETSY LISTING PAGE ITSELF?

Well guess what?! Now you can.

Thanks to a fabulous new Chrome Extension called ShowSold.
Developed by Chris Green and Jason T Smith, this feature is available in desktop and mobile versions.

How It Works

You find a great little vintage doo-hickey and you’re so excited to get home and research it. You eagerly sit down at your computer and then unfortunately, you hit a bit of a wall. Your item is more unique than you thought!
Then you remember to try to search Google Images. Whoo hoo! There are a couple matches! Clicking through you see that they are Etsy listings and that they’ve sold. Well, that’s good news because it means your doo-hickey is desirable and more than one person wanted one, right?

But the problem is your screen looks like this:

How To Find What Things Sold For On Etsy
No info. What did it sell for? What is it worth? Well you could convo the seller. Hmm. That might work but even if you get an answer, it’ll take time. And you’d really like to get your doo-hickey listed…today…at the right price.

Now let’s consider this same scenario with the ShowSold extension installed.
You click through to the sold Etsy listing and you see this:

How To Find Completed Sale Prices on EtsyBAM! Done! Finding completed sale prices on Etsy couldn’t be any easier!

That is so sweet. Time is money and anything that helps speed up the researching process of online reselling is gold!
And get this…the desktop version of the ShowSold extension is only $39.99 for LIFETIME ACCESS! Or you can pay monthly for 3.99 per month.
And…(yes there’s more!! lol)
And…that $39.99 one time payment also includes Ebay! On Ebay, there are times where a seller accepted a best offer, but Ebay doesn’t automatically show the actual price the item sold for. With ShowSold, you see the actual selling price right on the listing.

Go ahead and click here to check out the ShowSold page and make your Reselling life a little bit easier!

Disclaimer: I didn’t receive any monetary compensation for this post. This post is just my own, honest opinion of a product that helps me and I think will help you! I purchased this extension from my own little vintage change purse and I don’t regret it! 🙂 

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