How Many Etsy Shops Do I Need?


Short answer:
It depends.

It really does. It depends on a lot of different factors. In the past, Hubby and I have had 5, (yes FIVE) Etsy shops. We are now consolidating down to two. Three. Maybe two. Here’s the quick update on our confusion. We had Hubby’s shop closed when his own carpentry/contracting business started taking off this year. He had no time. We were going to merge his items with mine. We did that with a few. Then winter came and things slowed down for him…a little. He reopened his shop. Sold a few things. But has had no time to keep up with adding anything more again. So we’re debating shutting it down again. Because, as I’ve preached before, you need to keep listing to keep selling.
We had good reasons to open the shops initially and we learned a lot about having multiple shops along the way. Here are some factors that we used when opening (and then closing) the shops.

If you are considering opening a second, or even third, Etsy shop ask yourself:

  • Is it a different enough niche or style to make having a separate shop necessary?
    In our case, I have a separate shop for sewing patterns and notions. I feel that the buyers of such would just like to look at craft supplies and not necessarily all the other vintage I have to offer.

  • Do I have the inventory to warrant another shop? 4 shops with 20 items in each may not be as effective as 1 shop with clearly marked shop sections.

  • Will it help my branding or promoting efforts if my shop is narrowed down to a specific niche? ex. sewing patterns or notions only vs a few sewing patterns mixed in with vintage home goods. You could brand and promote the shop as being a source of sewing patterns, etc…An eclectic shop will divide up your promoting efforts in many different directions.

  • Do I have the time to keep up with multiple shops? Major point. It takes time. It’s hard to get signed in to all the shops consistently and focus on adding new items on a regular basis. A plan is a must. 

  • Will I be able to consistently list new items on a regular basis in more than one shop? Again. Major factor. 

  • Will I have the time to promote the shops and their listings in social media and other efforts? Will you need to have different social media accounts to promote each niche? Or can you promote successfully from one central account?

There’s nothing wrong with giving it a try if you think it works for you. It worked for us for awhile but now we need to scale it back. The key was “us”. Two people, two shops each plus Ebay together. Now its just me doing the online stuff so we halved that. For now, we just have The Recycleista’s Retro Shop and Pish Posh Notions. I handle both of those and most of our Ebay listings.  Hubby’s shop, as I mentioned, is probably only temporary.
So if you do decide to give multiple shops a try, and it doesn’t quite workout for awhile, the nice thing is that you can just deactivate your items and let your Etsy shops sit. So if your circumstances change in the future, it doesn’t take much to get it going again. The listings will still be there, either in the deactivated or expired sections.
And there are a few things to keep in mind that Etsy requires if you have multiple shops, the main one being transparency. You need to disclose your other shops in your Profile. (now that I think about it, I’d better update mine!). Etsy has more information here: Multiple Shops on Etsy
What do you think? Are you contemplating multiple shops? Do you have concerns? Or have you already taken that step? Any tips or tricks to share? Feel free to leave a comment below. 

7 thoughts on “How Many Etsy Shops Do I Need?”

  1. Very informative.

    I have never sold on Esty. How do you decide on whether to sell on Ebay or Esty?
    Are fees higher on one vs the other?

    What special rules are there for selling on Esty?

    1. hello! Thanks for writing in! Etsy has a few advantages over Ebay. The fees are lower. I put most of my vintage items on Etsy. Some do go on Ebay if I think the audience needs to be wider. If you look at the top right of my blog, there’s a link “how to sell on Etsy”. I gathered together all the posts I did about Etsy and I think a lot of your questions will be answered! 🙂

    2. Oh and another thing to keep in mind. You can sell handmade items, craft supplies and vintage…the item has to be 20 years old or older to be considered vintage under Etsy’s rules.

  2. Hello, if you had a shop where you sell;

    1. Dog Portraits
    2. Abstract Paintings
    3. Travel Posters

    Would you open three different shops? Three different audience yet same poduct (poster/print).

    1. There are arguments to be made for both options. Three different shops vs one with clear sections. Are the first 2 items handmade and the 3rd vintage? I could see separating them that way. A handmade ‘art’ shop and then the ‘vintage travel poster’ shop. If you don’t feel you have the inventory for standalone shops, then I don’t see a big problem with keeping them all together though.
      It also depends on how strong your marketing is gonna be. If you want to all out market the dog portraits and really push customers that way…then it may be easier to have separate shops so that the name of the shop, your marketing materials and social media efforts are all focused on one theme. Then do that 3 times.

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