Hello August. And Other Random Musings from the Month of July.


Aaaannnd….we’re back. Hello August. July…what can I say? You went by just about as fast as I thought you would.
Like I mentioned, July was crazy busy…and then it wasn’t. But I was exhausted!
We had family (my parents and brother with his family) come across the country to visit us. So there was the  prep for that. Nothing like company coming to get your honey-do list DONE! Poor hubby. He was burning the candle at both ends.
We all went together out to the coast and rented a house. It was so fun. And worked out great since my little place could not hold 10 people for that many days in a row.

Fullscreen capture 7312016 81224 PMWith a few other obligations and some other summer fun activities, there went July.

Online Reselling Biz

I had put all my shops on vacation mode with no items visible…just because I didn’t want to deal with it. I normally have a different approach to vacations but this time I just wanted to focus on the fam. It was nice. But selling things is nice too.
Right before we came back I opened everything back up and then as soon as the family left I tried to get active in the shops and renewing or listing new items. It seemed to work since I got some sales right away.
Here was a fun sale:
Fullscreen capture 7312016 83314 PMThese sealed Tiffany & Co playing cards had someone’s monogram on them but we figured there was a buyer out there for them. And we were right!
This was one of 19 sales for the month in my main shop on Etsy, (even with being closed for a week!) making July my 2nd best month so far this year. So surprising!
I was glad to see it though, after a couple slow months. It’s hard to write about selling on Etsy when you’re not seeing the results yourself!

I didn’t thrift as much this month…but you know I managed to squeeze in a few trips. 😉
This was probably my favorite find:
Jonathan Adler Utopia King & Queen vaseThis find is not vintage but has a quirky, Scandinavian modern look that I love. It’s by Jonathan Adler and I believe this design is discontinued. The vase is part of the Utopia line and this is the King & Queen vase, from what I can tell. King on one side, Queen on the other. There is one on Ebay that is running at auction. It ends tomorrow and so I’m waiting to see where it ends up so I can price accordingly.

So that was my month in a nutshell. Looking forward to some new projects and ideas for selling and for the blog. Plus, summer is not over! We have some more summer fun to enjoy before it’s back to school!

How has your summer been?

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