Etsy Sales Recap ~ March 1-10

Etsy Sales Recap ~ Make Money Selling On Etsy
Most of you probably know that I’ve been selling vintage on Etsy for awhile now. Started back in 2007, I believe. Maybe earlier. My current shop says 2008 but I had another shop on Etsy even before that.

If you love the hunt for vintage but have too many treasures threatening to take over your home and have been thinking about a way to move some of those lovelies along ((to make room for more, of course)), a shop on Etsy may be the way to go.
Or maybe you’re a long time Ebay seller and are looking for a new basket in which to put your eggs…again an Etsy shop may be just the ticket! If you’d like to try it out, be sure to use my link…you’ll get 40 free listings and so will I! Here’s the link: Open Your Etsy Shop Now (affiliate link heads-up!)

I wrote a couple of Selling On Etsy posts earlier. I do plan on maybe revisiting those and working on the next installments of the series. Let me know if there is anything specific you’re looking to find out. Anyway, here they are if you’d like to check them out.
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Anyway, in order to maybe give a little more credence to the fact that selling vintage on Etsy can be a legitimate side hustle, I thought I’d share my recent Etsy sales. I was going to do just the past week, but I ended up just sharing what has sold since March 1st.

So starting with Hubby’s shop, Metal and Tweed. Keep in mind Hubby works full time and does this on the side. He also pretty much takes care of our vintage hardware shop Tahoma Salvage & Supply.
2016-03-101. Liquor decanter tags $44
2. Digsmed Denmark lazy susan tray $40
3. Pottery Craft vase $16
4. Mail organizer $24
5. Ledger $13
Total for March 1-10: $137

The pottery craft vase and the Danish tray…and actually the ledger…we were just happy to see move along. The Digsmed tray…I bought that years ago and thought I had a real winner. It was in my shop forever. Hubby took it, took better pictures (I’ll admit it!) and sold it fairly quickly. He probably also priced it lower…less attachment. Ha!
The liquor decanter tags blew me away! Such a great item and kudos for Hubby for pricing them accordingly.
Those brass coil animal mail sorters always sell for us. The weirder the animal the better and the higher the price.

Now for The Retro Shop
2016-03-1011. Copper and brass utensils $37
2. Gorham Pace salad forks $20
3. PA Dutch Cook book $18
4. Electric Kettle $19
5. Made in W Germany magnifying eyeglasses (so awesome!) $14

Let’s see. The kettle doesn’t really count because it’s on its way back to us. The metallic taste doesn’t work with tea, I guess. 😉 And the PA Dutch cookbook has been listed a loong time. I thought it would go quicker.
2016-02-236. Porsgrund little boy pepper shaker $24
7. Dansk Summerhouse flatware $22
8. Fabrik dinner plates $39
9. Cheese plane $12
10. Danika forks (remember those?) $20 x 2 = $40
Total for March 1-10: $245

The Porsgrund shaker went to another dealer who had the Mother salt shaker to match up. Love that! The Dansk flatware was fairly damaged on a few pieces, so glad to see those move. Cheese planes! Love them.

My sewing notions shop had a couple sales totaling $24 and we had a really good order in the hardware shop (not typical) and a few more sales there so that total was $135.50.
So for the four Etsy shops we have going right now, we made $541.50 so far this month.
I’m fairly satisfied with that. When I think about the amount of work we’ve done this month, that sounds about right. Other things have kind of crept in so we didn’t WORK the shops like we’ve done at other times. I was very grateful for Etsy this month since Ebay has slowed way down for us lately.

Keep in mind that these are just selling prices. It doesn’t account for listing fees, selling fees and our original purchase prices. All things to keep in mind when you’re purchasing items to resell.

Oh and you’re probably thinking…do you really need that many Etsy shops? The answer is NO. You could run everything out of one. We’ve just decided to do it this way. A couple of our shops are more for supplies and it makes sense to set them apart since the target audience will be more specific. It is a bit more extra work and if Hubby wasn’t doing this with me, I’d probably consolidate into one or two.

Okay. How about you? Do you have an Etsy shop? How have sales been? Any questions about opening a shop?
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2 thoughts on “Etsy Sales Recap ~ March 1-10”

  1. I do have an Etsy shop (MinkandPearls) and listed all kinds of vintage clothing late last year – my experiment in resell was I sold one Ugly Christmas vest. Not the gangbuster selling I had hoped for, I am sure I priced everything too high.

    1. It is tricky to get going sometimes on Etsy. Clothing is a fairly highly competitive niche…yet..vintage seems to have an edge since you’re not selling the exact same thing as everyone else. It does take a bit of work and sometimes, time, to get everything going. Thanks for commenting!

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