Online Selling Springtime Slacking

I know, I know, I know. I’ve been slacking! When I moved this blog over to WordPress and vowed to take it more seriously I really thought I wouldn’t have slumps. And my slumps have extended a bit beyond blogging and into my online selling too.


Of course, that’s unrealistic. Knowing myself as I do. 🙂 Plus there’s just been a few other things going on in my life…imagine that! So in advance, I’m accepting all of your forgiveness…with thanks! I hope to get the ball rolling again soon.

Hubby and I have been toying with the idea of buying a house and so we began that process to see where we stand. We were going to go ahead with it….and then sat down and really talked it out. Hubby just started a new business so they won’t consider his income until it’s been going for 2 years. We had a backup plan but in the end we decided to wait. We’re going to further reduce our debt and get more of a down payment saved up. More about all of that later. Hopefully the market will be a bit more buyer friendly by then too.

In any case, all of that was extremely distracting to my blogging and online selling! I was focused on income so I have been working my online shops as well as I could. But, this is a super slow spring…not sure what’s up. I’ve heard so many reasons for the slowdown…the Election being the main one. It just seems slower than usual. Which can be a bit of a downer.

I ran a few Ebay auctions of older items and I think that’s helping keep things alive over there. Haven’t sold a ton but got Ebay woken up again. A bit.
Etsy is still slow this month. My main shop is ridiculously quiet. It makes it hard to write How to Sell on Etsy posts when you’re…..not!! lol. I’m not super worried. I’m trying to take my own advice from a few posts ago. You can see it here.

Of course, I’m still thrifting ! That never changes. I’ve found some interesting items to sell and so that does help recharge my batteries. When the buyers come back, I’ll be ready!

Last week at the thrift store, I came across someone’s Salt and Pepper collection. Mostly made in Japan from the 1950s. This thrift store prices things kind of high, so I had to cherry pick.

Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers. Made in Japan. Online Selling inventory.

Look at those teal atomic teardrop beauties! I’m still researching. Similar ones that are made of wood and lacquer were made by Takahashi. Mine are ceramic however. The girl and boy are UCTCI and still have their stickers. You know me and my Japanese stoneware!
The hardboiled egg is just FUN! And the donut shaped ones need more research too. They have a sticker “AES Japan” and they are very Pop Art. Hard to resist!

Repro Mochaware jug I also love it when I thrift by my gut and get a pleasant surprise. This jug was one I picked up at Goodwill based solely on how interesting it looked. It turns out to be a 1990s repro mochaware jug made by Winthrop and Swann. I learned enough on my smartphone at the store to know it was worth picking up. But further research at home showed that one sold for over $100 last year. Woot! Glad to know I haven’t lost my thrifting eye! 🙂

And so we go on. Online selling is not for the faint of heart but I can’t imagine doing anything else.
I feel better already having broken the ice on the blog again. And if you’ve signed up for my newsletter…I promise to deliver SOON! Look for it in the next week.

Tax Day is Ov-uh! Celebrating with an Etsy Sale!

Well, for me anyway.
I know technically the due date this year is Monday, so it’s fabulous that I finished up 3 whole days early! lol

True Procrasti-nista fashion! (oh my…I think I have a name for a new blog, lol!)

So to celebrate, I’m running a sale in The Recycleista’s Retro Shop!

From now until 10pm PST on Sunday night…take 20% off EVERYTHING in The Retro Shop. 

How do you run a sale on Etsy, you may be wondering? Well, I use a site called Etsy on Sale. It works by using credits which you purchase through Paypal. The more credits you purchase, the cheaper they are. Every time you run a sale event, it uses 4 credits.

Want to try it out? Here’s a deal for you: Sign into Etsy on Sale and link your Etsy shop. Enter my referral code: JSCU5MZMYM and you will get 10 free credits!!
Now you may also be able to just use this link: Sign up for Etsy on Sale and my referral link will work. But if you see the place to put in my code, please feel free to do it!

Now, you could go ahead and sign up without me and you’ll still get 5 credits. But if you use the link or code above, not only will you get 5 EXTRA credits, I will also get 5 credits. It’s up to you!

Etsy on Sale also has a Tag Tool, where you can edit the tags in all your listings at once. Helpful if you join an Etsy Team and want to add the Team’s name to all your listings at once.

Such a big sense of relief to get Tax Time behind me! I can get back to listing and hopefully selling as the buyers also come up for air!

What’s your tax habit? Procrastin-ista or Punctual-ista??

A Little Bit of Housekeeping

As you’ve seen, this blog is a growing and developing beast! I’ve tried to implement things slowly….or de-implement the things I don’t like. But one more thing I’m excited about….
The Recycleista Newsletter!

If you sign up on the right (I’m working on making all this prettier, lol) you will be added to a list of newsletter subscribers. Once a month (roughly) I will send out a newsletter with some fabulous stuff you won’t find on the blog. These may include:

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So go ahead and sign up today!

NOTE: If you’ve already signed up for email updates about new posts, that won’t change. I didn’t presume to move your email addresses over to the newsletter sign up. Feel free to sign up for the monthly newsletter!

Okay, that’s it for awhile for new changes. I’m tired! And I have to finish my taxes!! Gasp.

Thrifting Vintage Finds! Our New YouTube Channel

There is just so much new stuff to learn and do here at The Recycleista, I’m having a hard time keeping up!
I’m so excited about this.
We have a YouTube channel! We’ll be posting our finds as well as some How To’s….all relating to thrifting, reselling and vintage! Bear with me as we figure it out!

Be sure to subscribe to the channel!

Here’s our first video!

Linking up to Thrifty & Vintage Finds!

Hello From Our New Home

Can Can Dancer Puzzle

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.
Hello and welcome to everyone who found us in our new home!!
What do you think?
Please be sure to bookmark us, sign up for email updates, follow our RSS feed or follow us on Bloglovin’! Your choice! Just be sure to stay tuned.

Switching over to the new blog has been an adventure! Google has definitely been my friend! I know I didn’t do everything completely correctly. In fact, I KNOW I didn’t. I had to delete my first blog and start over! lol. I was hoping to be able to forward each post in my old blog to the corresponding post in the new site. But that’s a bit beyond me. Maybe someday I’ll get to that. So for now the old links just come to this blog in general.

I’m glad I’m still doing this while my blog is still a ‘baby’. I have plans to grow readership and traffic and I could see it being more critical for things to be perfect and beautiful the bigger you are. But for now I’m keeping it simple. I do like WordPress so far and with a little trial and error I will get it to do exactly what I envision for the blog.

In the spirit of keeping it simple, I’m just using a free theme right now. There are some gorgeous ones out there. But I’ll be plain Jane a little bit longer while I get used to everything.
I have my own domain now..Yay! and I purchased that through Bluehost. I got a great deal for 3 years (although they have shorter terms) so I’m not going anywhere! Bluehost made it super easy to get going with WordPress.

I have a few features I’m going to be adding to the blog and some more tweaking but I wanted to go ahead and make it live to get some feedback.
What do you think? Hubby says it looks more professional already.

Please leave a comment below! I’m anxious to see if the forwarding is working and if you were able to follow me over here without issue.


And you may be wondering about the can-can dancers up top. 🙂
Stay tuned for Move It On Monday and you’ll get the full story!