Oh February! ~ Catching Up ~ And My Love/Hate Relationship with Vintage Fabric


Oh February! – Catching Up
What a doozy this year. The PNW has seen more snow this year than usual. Early in February, we got dumped on with 15 inches all at once!! (Picture on left). We usually get maybe 1 snow event per winter, usually just a couple inches. We’ve had several…including earlier this week. My FIL has lived on this property for over 40 years and cannot recall getting this much snow all at once…ever.
The picture on the right is exactly 7 days later. It was in the 50s and most of the snow had gone.
This up and down with the weather totally matched how I felt. I had some doctor visits and so was a little preoccupied with that. I also had some family/home/community responsibilities that took the rest of my attention.
My online vintage selling business definitely took a back seat. I still thrifted…(of course I did) and I still listed some things and I still sold some things. So the business went on…but it was not my focus.
And honestly, that’s kind of how I see the next few years.
Since I wasn’t so focused on vintage or on the whole business…I hesitated to come here and blog…I felt like I didn’t really have anything helpful to say.
I’m afraid I’m at one of *those* points again…wondering whether the blog should remain part of my TO-DO list..or not. I know, I know, you’re tired of reading about my blogging crises..so I won’t natter on. I’m planning on continuing at this point- I just have to see where it fits in with my new online selling plan. More about that another day.

DSC_0013My Love/Hate Relationship with Vintage Fabric

So one of the things I can’t resist looking at in the thrift stores is the fabric/material aisle. It’s kind of like sewing patterns. I can’t sew a stitch to save my life but I’m fascinated by all of it. Of course, part of it is the thrill of the hunt..I do know what people like and what sells, so I’m always hoping to find some fabulous piece of atomic barkcloth or some Vera Neumann signed fabric.
But when it comes to the actual listing of the fabric, I slow down. I have no idea why. Some kind of mental block. Maybe it’s my lack of good set up for photos or something…kind of like my selling clothing aversion.
Recently I was at Value Village when they were putting out bags of fabric. Usually these bags are just scraps..but I could tell that these had larger pieces. I looked at one bag and discovered the theme of the whole bag was cowboy/western fabric. Definitely sell-able. I ended up buying 3 bags…mostly western fabric and some fly-fishing/outdoors type fabric.
DSC_0027This was one of my favorites..although it was more Fox Hunt than Western. It has a great color. Most of the pieces I got were from the early to mid 1990s and at least 2 yards. The smaller pieces I lotted up into one listing. I made myself measure the pile right away. Half the battle. And then so far I’ve listed the Western fabric.  I decided to list on Ebay although these are perfectly eligible for Etsy.

And I’ve sold 2 listings already! The piece up at the top was a totally random piece mixed in with the Western pieces called “Bow Wow Chow Mein”. I had exactly one yard and it sold overnight. I also sold this one:

DSC_0036Most of the brands in the packs were VIP by Cranston and Alexander Henry. Now, I don’t want you to run out and buy any and every piece by those makers that you see. You will find a lot of it. It’s not all created equal. Theme will also be important. I can get fairly good money even on just 2 yards because the cowboy/western theme is a popular one. Other themes might only be worth it if you can get it cheap and there is a lot of yardage.
So see the Love / Hate part? Lol. Love looking for it. Love finding it. Hate listing it. Love selling it. Love making money on it.
Actually “Hate” is kind of a strong word. Listing and selling is work. Plain and simple. Once I got going..it wasn’t any harder than any other item I sell and the photos weren’t that difficult. So…yes..it’s time to break out those other 2 bins of fabric I’ve been hoarding and just get to work!


My Top 5 Vintage Finds of 2016

My Top 5Vintage Finds

Well, it’s still January, right? Been meaning to write this post all month. I think part of the problem was that I was not SUPER excited about any of my finds this past year. Overall, there were fun things here and there. Definitely lots of good, solid bread and butter type items. But no “Bucket List” items.

But let’s go ahead and look at some highlights.


Arabia of Finland Cat pitcher or jug.
This one was a good one. I’ve found these pitchers by Arabia of Finland before but never the cat one. You may remember it from an earlier post. What shocks me is that it hasn’t sold yet. Maybe my price is too high? I’ll have to revisit that soon. I think it takes me so long to find some of those *hot* MCM items that when I do, the demand has waned. Still a fun find.

DSC_0008Large Syroco Bonsai Tree Wall Hanging
We found this large wall hanging at an estate sale in the last couple hours of the sale. I spotted it right away and the estate lady and I marveled over the fact that no one else appreciated it like we did.
I don’t think I blogged about it yet because I’m planning on doing a separate post about Syroco and its history, etc. Some of their items can be quite collectible and profitable. I could probably sell this for $150 or so but so far it’s filling the space above my couch quite nicely. 🙂


Vintage Braun Coffee Grinder Model KSM-1
Okay, this one I have not (to my shame) listed yet. I need to clean it up, etc and it just hasn’t made the top of the pile yet. But hopefully that will change this week. Money sitting on my shelf!!  But…this is one to keep in mind! Vintage Braun stuff sells! Great quality and design.
Click here to see the Etsy listings and types of things that are out there:
Vintage Braun appliances

fitzowlFitz & Floyd “Hooty” Owl Bathroom Accessories
This find just makes me smile. Fitz & Floyd has some really cute stuff and people are still looking for it! What made my day was that the buyer already had the toothbrush holder and now this completed her set! So perfect!

Fullscreen capture 1302017 40427 PMLot of Vintage Feedsack Fabric Scraps
So I posted about this one on Instagram and again, sadly, I haven’t done anything with them yet. Still researching and still deciding how/where to sell them. Analysis paralysis. Happens to us all at one point or another.
I will do a separate post on these as well. Suffice it to say for now that there are die hard collectors. There are prints that are reproduced but I think in my lot I can spot those because they have info on the selvedge. True feedsacks were just that….feedsacks…so no selvedge info.
I don’t think I have any full sacks…which would be worth the most. But plenty of scraps for collecting or quilting. Check out vintage feedsacks on Etsy. 

So all in all, not bad. I probably did slow down a bit on the thrifting end…so the less you’re out there, the less you find. Hope you had a good thrifting year and that 2017 brings us lots of more great scores!


Move It Out Monday….On a Tuesday!!

Move It Out Monday! The stories of an online reseller with an inventory backlog. Think PILES! And her adventures and attempts to reduce them!

No, you’re not going crazy. Today really is Tuesday. It reminds me of the Lego movie (I can’t count how many times I’ve seen it) where Lucy cries “Today will not be known as Taco Tuesday. It will be known as Freedom Friday….but still on a Tuesday!!!”


I have a backlog of inventory. I’ll admit it. I have discussed it here on the blog many times. I’m one of THOSE online thrifting resellers. Yes…the shopping is more fun than the listing. The more you learn and the more experience you get, the more you know you can flip. You go to the thrift store and easily find 10, 20 or more items to sell.

And I don’t know about you and where you live, but there are at least 10 thrift stores within 30 minutes of me and double or triple that within an hour. I have good intentions of staying out of the thrifts but there is one right NEXT DOOR to my grocery store. And I need those mileage deductions! Just sayin’.

But really, I AM doing better about the amount of new items I bring home. And I list those items right away. What I am working on now is making sure to grab a few items from my older bins and get those listed as well.

Last Friday, after I was starting to feel better after a nasty head cold, I dove into an older bin and pulled out some stuff I’ve had a little too long.

Vintage items to sell on Etsy. Part of my online selling backlog!

What is wrong with me??? This is cool stuff! I did get a few of the items listed over the weekend. (This post does contain affiliate links)

Tartlet Tins Made in Sweden

Tartlet Tins Made in Sweden

O & EG Royal Austria Open Salts

O & EG Royal Austria Open Salts

Bright Green Pocket Photo Album

Bright Green Pocket Photo Album

West Germany Pocket Watch Manicure Kit

Novelty Pocket Watch Manicure Set, Made in W. Germany

Love that last one. So did my 9 year old. I think he wanted to keep it. I asked him for pricing advice and he was quite ambitious. 🙂

Today I hope to get the last few items listed. The plastic fish trivet by Dansk is a fun favorite and the German language Edgar Allan Poe paperback book is pretty unique!

Along the same vein, I’ve been digging into my flatware stashes as well. I know I’ve got money just sitting there and it’s doing me no good!
Case in point:


These two salad forks. I also have a dinner fork in this pattern. They are by Farberware and the pattern is called Seaside. Farberware is one of those brands that I don’t find very often and I was confused. These were part of a stainless flatware lot I bought awhile back. I think I had Farberware and Cuisinart mixed up in my mind. Anywho, its hard to explain my thought processes.
I am at the point where I need to just start selling items in bigger lots. So as I’m going through my flatware, I’m pulling out stuff that is just not worth listing by itself (to me, at this point in my life) but is still in good condition. These will go on Ebay in a large lot.
I was about to toss these forks into that lot but I decided to stop and do some general research on Farberware flatware. I came across this pattern and I was shocked at what the salad forks were going for.
I have these 2 forks listed together on Ebay for 59.99 and the dinner fork for 29.99. Crazy. And they were just sitting there in a box in my storage.
Shame on me!!

So that’s where I’m at. What about you? Do you list as soon as you acquire inventory? Are you slow like me?  It would be fun to do some kind of challenge, maybe in November…something about number of older items listed and how much money we make from them. Money in the closet or Shopping the Stash or something like that. Anybody in?

Friday Finds ~ To the (Vintage) Hunter Goes the Spoils

Happy vintage thrifted finds! We love hunting down vintage items at thrift stores and sharing our finds with you! To the Vintage Hunter Goes the Spoils!

(This post has affiliate links. Just letting you know!)

Well, I had a hoot last Saturday afternoon at the thrift shops. The week had been kind of long. Hubby had worked somewhat long hours, I was having technical difficulties with this blog and things just hadn’t gone smoothly overall.
So it was nice on Saturday afternoon when Hubby said…”Go! Go shopping…stay however long you want.” There are a couple thrift stores I usually hit weekly, but they are about 30 minutes away and I normally go in the evenings when time is limited. So the prospect of unrushed thrifting was exciting!
However, I’m a mom and a girl and so of course there’s always a measure of guilt involved. For some strange reason. If I’m away too long from my boys I get this nagging feeling that something is not right and that I’m falling down on my duty. I get that feeling when the boys are with my mother-in-law and even when they are with their father. Why? They are his kids too!! Can’t explain it.
But anywho, it was relaxing to stroll and really examine everything I wanted to look at. And I found some good stuff!! Which made it even more fun!
Friday Finds. Spoils of Thrift. Vintage finds from the thrift store! So let me just quickly cover a couple of the items that may or may not be vintage: The Oneida baby flatware in the back…Chateau pattern, NIB. Then you can’t really see it but I found a Denby bowl..in the Harlequin pattern. One of the top selling patterns for Denby so worth checking out. (Click here to see what it looks like) Technically it could be vintage but they made it up until 2004 so there’s really no way to know. It’ll go on Ebay.
Up front, the 3 brown dishes are by Heath Ceramics. Love Heath! I’ve found Heath pieces a few times before. These are also somewhat borderline as they began making this Mojave pattern in 1990 and the pattern is discontinued. But I’ve already put them on Ebay where they will probably move fairly quickly. (UPDATE: they didn’t even last a full day. SOLD!)
The other item that I’m uncertain of its age is that grey plate to the front left. It’s by Porsgrund Norway, but to me the mark looks a bit newer. So I’ll try Ebay as well on that one.
Oh I almost forgot! This awesome set you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

Creamuh and Shuguh by Fishs EddyThey are from the “Brooklynese” pattern by Fishs Eddy. I die! I can just hear it! “Yo! Pass me da shuguh!” As a transplanted New Yorker I couldn’t pass them up.

Now for the really fun stuff! My favorite vintage item probably are these two bathroom vanity items by Fitz and Floyd:

Hooty Owl Soap Dish and Tumbler by Fitz and Floyd

Hooty Owl Soap Dish and Tumbler on Etsy

The line is called “Hooty” and I have the drinking tumbler and the soap dish. There is also a toothbrush holder out there that is amazingly cute. Wish I had found the whole set.
Fitz and Floyd is known for their quirky merchandise and have quite a strong following. These pieces are marked 1978 – right at the height of the owl craze!

I also love this mini cat planter. It’s by David Stewart for Lion’s Valley.

David Stewart for Lion's Valley small Cat planter

David Stewart Mini Kitty Cat Planter

I have sold a larger one in the past and neither of them were marked. I think they originally had stickers. It’s one of those items that I learned from reading other vintage blogs, watching my favorite Etsy sellers and their wares and doing some research. It’s another way to justify all that time on Pinterest. 🙂

Eva Zeisel Hallcraft Fantasy bread and butter plate

Hallcraft Eva Zeisel “Fantasy” small plate

This is another fun find. It’s just a small plate but it’s by Hallcraft (Hall China Co.) and is designed by Eva Zeisel. The pattern is called Fantasy and is one of the more popular patterns as well. That atomic abstract design in the middle plus the freeform nature of the pieces make the whole line a show stopper! The pattern was produced from 1952-1957.
This little plate alone is not worth a bunch, but now I know to definitely keep my eye out for this pattern in the wild.

Okay moving quickly through some of the other pieces:

V Pinto Vietri coffee mugsThese Italian pottery coffee mugs have me a bit stumped but I loved the images on them. I have found similar type items but not the exact pattern yet. They are marked “Pinto V. Vietri”. I believe V. Pinto was the artist? and Vietri was the region of Italy? I’m just talking off the top of my head. I either will do more research…or let it go and list it with great keywords.

Vintage NOS pillowcasesI found a few pairs of NOS (New Old Stock) pillowcases. Vintage sheets and linens are such a thing right now. I personally am using vintage pillowcases at home because the feel of the material is so much nicer than that shiny weird stuff that new sheets are made of.

I also snagged a vintage Starbucks travel mug and someone gave up their Kliban cat mug collection.

And last but not least, I finally thrifted a Lane cedar chest.

Kind of.

dsc_0077It’s a small salesman’s sample. ((See comments below for another story about these small trunks!)) There’s no key and the resale on these is actually quite low. I got it for myself. Just because. Maybe I’ll keep stuff in it next to my bed.
At least it was easy to bring home. 🙂

So that’s kept me busy this week. How about you? Any good thrifted vintage finds lately?


Friday Finds ~ Arabia Finland Cat Pitcher!

Arabia of Finland Blue and Turquoise Cat Pitcher by Kaj Franck

Arabia of Finland Kitty Cat Pitcher

Whew! Just made it to a Friday Finds post by the skin of my teeth! We went out to do errands this evening and as is our usual custom, a Goodwill stop is usually figured in.

I was feeling pretty bummed…I found no flatware and no coffee mugs… (this particular Goodwill is well-stocked in both usually) but I hadn’t found anything to float my boat.

Hubby was one aisle over and he held this up over the shelves to me…(he’s tall like that). I tried to play it cool while saying “yes, yes, grab it!!” while he was enumerating some of the minor flaws. Small chip on the bottom… “it won’t matter…just grab it!!”.

This cat pitcher is by Arabia of Finland and is one of their iconic pieces. It was designed by Kaj Franck and there are a few different color variations. This one I found is blue and turquoise and is a bit larger…6.5 inches tall approximately.

I have had these cat pitchers on my radar a long time and honestly, I’m not sure why they’ve never made it onto my Thrifting Bucket List. It should have been there so I can cross it off!! (I’m one of *those* list people…I will write items down after I did them, just so I can cross them off!)
Possibly I never added it because I have found and sold a couple of the other smaller versions of these pitchers…with different animals.
I loved this stylized rooster.
Fullscreen capture 6102016 92310 PMAnd this brown bull (with an udder??) sold well even though there were some condition issues. Fullscreen capture 6102016 92514 PMBut the cat is a first! It really should have been on my list.

Just a quick post for now. We came home and there was enough daylight for a few pictures of it. Gotta love those long days! I even (Gasp!) listed it already in my Etsy shop! Who is this go-getter? I don’t recognize her.

Did you get out and do any thifting? What was your fabulous find of this week?