Top 10 Betty Crocker Silverware Patterns by Oneida

As I’ve mentioned before in this post: Oneida Flatware and the Betty Crocker Catalog, nostalgia plays a big role in the reselling of vintage flatware. Many mothers and grandmothers dutifully collected Betty Crocker coupons and put together silverware sets for daughters, nieces, granddaughters and themselves.

Those who inherited these sets turn to Ebay and Etsy for replacement pieces or to fill in their sets. (This post contains affiliate links. You can read our full privacy and disclosure policy here.)


I’ve put together this list of the top 10 (in no particular order) Oneida silverware or flatware patterns sold through Betty Crocker catalogs. These are patterns that I sell consistently and seem to have a high demand. If you are a flatware reseller you can use this list as a BOLO list. (Be On the LookOut).

If you are a Betty Crocker silverware set owner..this guide may help you identify your stainless flatware pattern and source some replacements.

(I was able to take pictures of half of these from my own pieces, the rest of the photos came from 

Twin Star 

Oneida Twin Star Flatware
Backstamp: Oneida Community

Twin Star listings on Ebay

Twin Star listings on Etsy

My Rose
Oneida My Rose Flatware

Backstamp: Oneida Community

My Rose listings on Ebay

My Rose listings on Etsy


Photo cred:
Photo cred:

Backstamp: Oneida Community

Chandelier listings on Ebay

Chandelier listings on Etsy

Patrick Henry
Oneida Patrick Henry

Backstamp: Oneida Community

Patrick Henry listings on Ebay

Patrick Henry listings on Etsy


Photo Cred:
Photo Cred:

Backstamp: Oneida Community

Chatelaine listings on Ebay

Chatelaine listings on Etsy


Photo cred:
Photo cred:

Backstamp: Oneida Community

Cello listings on Ebay

Cello listings on Etsy


Oneida SatiniqueBackstamp: Oneida Community

Satinique listings on Ebay

Satinique listings on Etsy

**There are 2 Oneida patterns called Satinique. Keep this in mind while purchasing and check photos carefully. Look for ones that say “Satinique -OLDER”. In this case, they may be easier to find on Etsy.


Photo Cred:
Photo Cred:

Backstamp: Oneida Community

Brahms listings on Ebay

Brahms listings on Etsy

Via Roma

Oneida Via RomaBackstamp: Oneida Community

Via Roma listings on Ebay

Via Roma listings on Etsy


Photo cred:
Photo cred:

Backstamp: Oneida Community

Plantation listings on Ebay

Plantation listings on Etsy

Of course, these are not ALL of the Betty Crocker stainless silverware patterns. There were dozens spanning many decades. If you need more assistance identifying your pattern, feel free to go to the Contact Me page and shoot me an email!

Flippin’ Flatware ~ Recent Thrift Store Finds ~ A Video!

I made a video again y’all. Ugh….SO not my comfort zone..but I’m willing to learn. I have no storage on my phone right now and so I used my old iPad mini which is super awkward.
I’m just technologically challenged with making videos…so I have to do some research! People make such cute ones with graphics and writing and such…no clue how to do stuff…I’m sure there’s an app for that though. 🙂

So here ya go!

If there’s something else you’d like to see in video..or different information about flatware…let me know! I’m open to ideas! I’m not sure I’m ready to face the camera, lol…but I’ve got some thoughts for things in the future that I just have to learn how to do.

Oneida Flatware and the Betty Crocker Catalog ~ A Vintage Glimpse

NOTE: If you would like help identifying your Betty Crocker silverware pattern, please see the post: Top 10 Betty Crocker Silverware patterns by Oneida. 

One of the reasons I’ve said that buying and selling stainless flatware can be profitable is because of the memories and emotions involved. People want items they remember from their childhood or want to recapture the feelings they had while eating at Grandma’s house. A big contributor to this later effect was the popularity of collecting Oneida flatware from the Betty Crocker Catalog.

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Oneida Flatware

One of the longest running coupon redemption programs, the Betty Crocker program began slowly in the late 1920s, with first a spoon, then coupons, being inserted into bags of General Mills flour. After awhile, coupons with points were printed right on the product packages directing people to a catalog where they could find “fine kitchen and home accessories” including Oneida flatware.

Countless families collected sets of both silverplate and stainless flatware patterns from the Betty Crocker catalog. Moms collected for themselves, and even started putting together sets for their daughters’ hope chests.
The result today? Memories.



1970s Catalog – Image from Pinterest (I just sold a spoon in that Viola pattern shown on the front. 🙂 )

I get countless comments from people purchasing replacement pieces of Oneida flatware explaining how they were recreating their Grandma’s set or had inherited their mother’s and wanted to fill in the last few pieces.

When I began selling replacement flatware, I would research patterns and see “Betty Crocker” in the listing or in the description on I learned why the name was included when I learned about the catalog. But I really never understood the process until one day I came across (while thrifting) a large bag of unredeemed Betty Crocker flatware coupons.

Oneida Flatware and Betty Crocker Coupons What a fabulous glimpse into the past! One of the Oneida stainless flatware patterns that has gained popularity recently is the very atomic Twin Star pattern. One of my favorites to find and sell. There were several coupons for that in the stash I found.

Oneida Twin Star Betty Crocker Coupon

As you can see, the coupon wasn’t limited to just one pattern. It also worked on Queen Bess, hollowware and cookbooks. Very smart!

One of the clippings also gave some insight about how you could collect your pieces faster. Just use less coupons and pay more money! You could choose either the “Speed Plan” or the “Thrift Plan”.

Betty Crocker Stainless Flatware coupon order form

What about you? Does the Betty Crocker catalog bring back memories? Do you have a set of flatware that was passed on to you? Share your memories below!

Click HERE to see all current Oneida Betty Crocker listings on Etsy.

Click HERE to see all current Oneida Betty Crocker listings on Ebay

Still Flippin’ Over Flatware

Of course, y’all know that I dig me some stainless flatware. Silverplate too, to a certain extent. You can’t read my blog without putting two and two together on that subject.
Buying and selling stainless flatware is a mainstay of my online business. At the end of this post, I’ll put links to the articles I wrote about my process, in case you’re interested in trying out the flatware flip too.

Still Flippin' Over Flatware ~ Another quick tip for your stainless flatware buying and selling business. Plus more info about how to break into this profitable side business!

Flatware has been selling great for me lately and I’ve found some awesome pieces!


Look at that! It’s gorgeous! It’s by Oneida and it’s called Chandelier. I found a bunch of it the other day and have sold 4 teaspoons already for $39.99 free shipping. I paid 25 cents apiece. Here’s a link to my other listings. Tip: if the handle is pierced, it’s probably worth taking a gamble on selling it.

Today I just wanted to share a quick resource that I’ve found to help if you’re just getting into selling flatware. Sometimes it helps to take a look at flatware patterns that sell well to kind of get them into your brain. You can search Ebay ‘solds’ of course, but sometimes pictures are hard to see. (not all eBay photos are created equal!).

I just noticed a new feature on the Replacements website that may help. It helped me already! Go to the site and click on the ‘Silver’ tab to get to the flatware page.


Now look above the alphabetical list…A B C D E…. Notice some new links. “Our Most Popular Silver Manufacturers”, etc. We want to focus on that second one, “Our Most Popular Stainless Patterns”
You’ll get a screen full of patterns like this:


This is GREAT for research. If these are the top selling patterns for Replacements, it means these are the patterns people will probably search for on eBay as well.
I took a look through and most of the Oneida ones were not a surprise to me…many of them I’ve actually sold. It was interesting to see what other brands were popular and which patterns in those brands sold well on this website.
See that little “Top Ten” badge? That is good to know! I think I have some Chateau around here somewhere…time to get it listed!

And the one next to it, Chatelaine? This is fab! The same day I bought the Chandelier pieces up above, I picked up a bunch of teaspoons and dinner forks in another pattern. It was Oneida Community which was good enough for me. Dinner forks and teaspoons generally sell the best in any pattern so I knew I’d be fine. I have already photographed it..but hadn’t researched the pattern.
There it was! Chatelaine. And to know that it’s a best selling pattern made me really happy! I know to check my prices on those and make sure they’re up where they belong.

So I just wanted to share this quick flatware selling tip with you. For more information about flipping stainless flatware see the links below.

I discuss some of the other brands I look for in this post: (post needs updating! stay tuned!)

Stainless Flatware Brands to Flip ~ Flippin’ Flatware Part One

Then how to identify the pattern is here:

How To Identify Your Stainless Flatware Pattern ~ Flippin’ Flatware Part Two

And then, if it will help, since organization is not my forte,’s the last part:

Organizing Your Flatware Inventory ~ Flippin’ Flatware Part Three

As I looked through these posts myself, I think they need some updating! Stay tuned for that and be sure to sign up for my newsletter. Subscribers will get sneak peaks at any new and expanded posts I do about which flatware brands I like to buy and sell. 🙂
The newsletter sign up is at the top of the page or also under the “Contact Me” tab.

Happy Flippin’!!

Spoils of Thrift: Yes, I’m Buying My Flatware by the Bucketful Now

So even though I do have mountains of flatware I’m wading through…the flatware bins are still one of my go-to sections at the thrift store. Yes, its a sickness, lol.
But I found some good stuff and could not leave it.

Plus, selling flatware really is one of my solid niches. I know that if I gave it the time it deserves it could easily help us knock out some of our debt and build up our savings. I just have to organize myself a bit more and work on all of this OTHER stuff that has accumulated over time.

One of the main patterns I found this time was one that looked like this:

It’s by MSI (Merchandise Service Inc) and it’s vintage.
I know MSI is not one of the brands I’ve mentioned in Part 1 of my Flippin’ Flatware series, but I know from experience that this pattern is fairly sought after by the Etsy/Vintage crowd. It’s not high dollar stuff but I found 45 pieces and it’ll add up.
And why not? Look at it! It’s awesome.
Now, the nice thing about MSI is they like to print their pattern name right on the pieces. Sweet!
This one is called “Danika”. Another popular one by them is “Versailles”.

So this was an easy pattern ID.
As a reminder, here’s how I identify my flatware when it’s NOT printed right on it: Flippin’ Flatware Part 2  I really need to re-do that post…the Replacements website has revamped and my screenshots are outdated.  Oops. Same concept though.
I’ve listed this pattern in my Etsy shop and am hopeful for some quick sales. As of right now, no other Danika is listed on Etsy!
I will keep you posted.
Oh and by the way, I’ve been playing around with backgrounds for my flatware listings. Most of the time I use this dark one. (it’s a leftover piece of countertop laminate, lol)

I got tired of that though and it’s kind of getting dirty.
For these Danika listings I’m trying out a grey posterboard. I like it…especially for when the listing is open and you’re looking at it up close. I’m just afraid the overall effect is too BLAH. Especially when buyers are scrolling through search results on Etsy or Ebay.
What do you think?

 Maybe I should look for a nice soft blue….

Friday Finds: Courage and Some Oneida Flatware

I am a 40 year old woman. I still have my wisdom teeth. Why?
Because I’m a big chicken.
Because I have an amazing ability to procrastinate when something unpleasant needs doing.
Because no dentist ever said “you need your wisdom teeth out, here, let me make an appointment for you”.
So days, then months, then years go by and I never pick up the phone.

But enough was enough.
It was time for the big girl panties. I picked up the phone and made my appointment for the consultation.
Went to said consultation. My face immediately flushed when I walked in. By the time they were taking my vitals, my temperature was 99.8. No clue why an X-ray and a bunch of talking made me a nervous wreck.
But then I was good. Appointment is set for June. Doctor saw no major issues. Yes, 2 are impacted, but they do this all the time. Easy peasy.
I’ll be knocked out and it’ll all be over in an hour. An HOUR!! Crazy.

After getting the cost estimate ($2400!!!…yup knew that was coming…another reason for procrastinating) I knew that retail therapy was in order. Good thing there was a Goodwill across the street!!
And I found some flatware.

Yay! I needed a good find, especially after getting that bill. I gotta start making some money!! 🙂
This is flatware by Oneida and the pattern is called Shelley.
You may remember how I identify stainless flatware from earlier posts…but the quickest way usually is with this book:

Love that book! Put off getting it for a long time since I like researching flatware and didn’t mind scrolling through pages and pages of the website. But the saying goes Time is Money and there’s no denying this book is fast. (patterns up until the late 1990s…they need to print an updated version)
Anyway, I was excited at the thrift store because as I grabbed the first spoon, I could tell the quality was good. Handle enough flatware and you’ll know. I flipped it over and bam! There was my Oneida Stainless mark with the cube in the center. Heirloom. That is good stuff.

I found more pieces and more…then managed to unearth the knives as well.
We had been to this Goodwill earlier in the week and I had already culled a bunch of flatware from it. But I know where the employees tend to add the newer stuff, so I went there first and there it was.
That softened the blow somewhat about the whole wisdom tooth junk and I went home a content woman.
See how beneficial thrifting is for you and your health?

I got home and discovered that I had a full service for 4!
That means 4 dinner forks, 4 salad forks, 4 soup spoons, 4 dinner knives, and 4 teaspoons. Twenty pieces.
Your first inclination may be to put the whole shebang up for sale all together and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. I checked completeds and the highest sale of 20 pieces was about $130. Again, nothing to sneeze at.
But then I looked at completeds for groupings of 4. Four dinner forks…$70. Okay…there you go. I could average about $50 per 4 pieces…that comes to $250. I think I’ll do the extra work and make a bit more money hopefully.

Thanks for listening to the ramblings! Speaking of that…Hubby is on strict warning to NOT video me as I’m coming out of the anesthesia. That’s not exactly how I’m hoping to hit it big on YouTube! 🙂

Organizing Your Flatware Inventory ~ Flippin’ Flatware Part Three

Hello everyone! I think I’ve been putting off writing Part 3 since organization is NOT my forte. My flatware inventory organization system was totally outgrown and not working.
But life has been busy! I’ve been trying out selling directly on Instagram with fairly good results, keeping up with the kids and just normal life stuff. The weather has been great here in the PNW, (summer weather already!) and so we’ve been outside more than normal (…away from the computer). Okay, now that my excuses are out of the way…let me show you my progress. It’s better than nothing since I’m not sure when I’ll be totally done.
See Part 1 and Part 2 of the Flippin’ Flatware Series here:
Stainless Flatware Brands to Flip ~ Flippin’ Flatware Part One
How to Identify Your Stainless Flatware Pattern ~ Flippin’ Flatware Part Two

So basically what I did was buy a bunch of shoebox size plastic bins in two different colors. I started off with the blue ones and made rudimentary labels. I so want to pick up a little Dymo or Brother labeler…but I haven’t done the research yet. I’m hoping to thrift one!!
The blue bins are all my LISTED flatware items. I took over a cabinet that had been put in my closet but wasn’t being used efficiently…it was holding linens…but there will be a new linen cabinet installed elsewhere in the house so we’ll get that all sorted out.

My plan for the white bins..which I’m still working on is to have similar bins to the blue ones..but for unlisted flatware.
Sometimes pieces in a certain pattern aren’t worth listing until you get more than one or at least 3 or 4. I need  a place to hold them where I can find them again. So when I get more, I actually know that I already have some!
I also have a few sets of smaller drawer type bins that will hold the singles or pairs that get listed. Because some pieces are definitely worth listing singly!
For example…sterling!

This is my 3rd piece of sterling silver flatware I found recently…either thrown into the bins at Goodwill or hanging in a bag at Value Village. You just never know. 

So that’s my system. Can’t wait to get it fully implemented…it’ll make me feel a whole lot better about everything. Plus I can just grab a white bin when I need to list..and see what’s ready to go.

Stay tuned for a Spoils of Thrift post tomorrow or Monday…found something fun that already sold!! And a story of how offering great customer service can just be rewarding for everyone!
Thanks for reading!