A Vintage Education ~ How to Identify Bakelite

Bakelite Handled Flatware This post contains affiliate links. In the first half of the 20th century, Bakelite was used widely for game pieces, billiard balls, phones, jewelry, buttons and more. The later development of other plastics makes it sometimes hard to tell at first glance if an object is made from Bakelite or not. However … Continue reading “A Vintage Education ~ How to Identify Bakelite”

A Vintage Education ~ Dating Old Canning Jars

┬áVintage canning jars are one of those things that have kind of been in the background for me. I see canning jars fairly often at thrifts and yard sales and I normally pass right over them. Most are newer and clear glass. I’ve picked up a few in the past, just for my personal storage…I … Continue reading “A Vintage Education ~ Dating Old Canning Jars”

A Vintage Education ~ Harwood Steiger

I know I’m not alone in saying that one of the best parts of being a thrifter/vintage reseller is the education you receive. I love finding an item and going home to see what I can uncover about its past.Recently, I found this piece of fabric. It was entitled “Woodland” and signed. The motif is … Continue reading “A Vintage Education ~ Harwood Steiger”

What Is My Vintage Item Worth?

How to Research Your Thrifted Vintage Finds! Whether you inherited great-aunt Martha’s estate or you are an Ebay/Etsy seller and come across killer deals at the flea market…there comes a time when you want to know “what are my vintage items worth?”. For our purposes today we will be focusing mostly on the reseller angle. … Continue reading “What Is My Vintage Item Worth?”

Weekend Finds ~ To the Vintage Hunter Go the Spoils

Whenever I’m trying to get back into a blogging schedule, I feel like I need a bit of a warm up. Doing a “finds” post is the easiest way to get back in the groove! I have to make sure you’re still out there…((Hallo!!!))…and I get to show off a few things! (this blog post … Continue reading “Weekend Finds ~ To the Vintage Hunter Go the Spoils”