What’s Been Selling on Ebay and Etsy!

Hey, just a quick pop in to let you know of 2 videos I just put up on YouTube! The first one is just catching up on some things that have sold from the other Reseller Reports….

You can find that video here:

What’s Sold on Ebay and Etsy

Then after that…another video with some of the things I’ll be listing this week…mostly sourced from my MIL. You’ll want to hear about the thrift-mobile…and the story of this fab paint by number!! That video is right here:

Reseller’s Report #5

Feel free to go ahead and subscribe because I’m planning to share more of these types of videos….stuff I found and sourced and the stories behind them…plus the SOLDS! That’s the good stuff, right? That’s how we know what’s worth picking up.

Thanks so much!!

G is for Graniteware ~ Selling Vintage A to Z

Welcome back to my favorite series! The letter G was a tough one. The words or topics I thought of were either too broad or too narrow so I settled on graniteware. Hope you enjoy it! You can see the collection of former posts (A to F) by clicking here. This post contains affiliate links.

What is Graniteware?

First, let’s establish what we’re talking about when we use the term graniteware. Graniteware is a type of enameled metal cookware and kitchenware…known more commonly as enamelware. The grey, granite-like look of the pieces gave it its name.

However, the terms enamelware and graniteware are often used interchangably. Strict collectors may only refer to the grey, early pieces as graniteware but you will often see listings of enamelware of all colors use the term graniteware as well.

Graniteware berry pail.

For our purposes today, we’ll use the term graniteware to refer to vintage enamelware. Other names that get used are agateware, speckleware, glazedware and enameled ware.

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How to Overcome “Listing Lethargy” in Your Reselling Business

Or as I like to call it, how to keep going when your get-up-and-go…. got up and went!  (This post may contain affiliate links. You can read my full policy here)

In the reselling community, I’ve been hearing a LOT about a lack of motivation. A listing lethargy if you will. And it’s not really surprising.

I was reading an article online about anxiety or stress (sorry I can’t find it now – but you can Google ‘symptoms of anxiety’) and it definitely brought out that one symptom of anxiety is a loss of concentration or lack of focus.

I’m sure we can all agree that there is no shortage of causes for anxiety in the world today. Being distracted by the news and social media and then the resulting worry about how those happenings will affect us….sometimes there’s not much brain power left over for our reselling businesses.

Anxiety can be all consuming.

Another factor (for me anyway…maybe you experience the same) is that I miss thrifting! With thrift stores closed…and then being aware of my backlog of items that need listing (profit pile)…means the longest stretch I’ve gone in 10+ years without thrifting. Thrifting was always my motivator. Even if I didn’t need to go…it was a mental break. I’d find something new and exciting and that would get me listing again.

For others, the change in routine is what has thrown them off. Spouses are home. Kids are home. They are facing having to “school at home” for the first time ever. It can be too much.

Of course, this listing lethargy hasn’t hit all online resellers. For some, they have more time than ever to devote to their reselling business and have dove into it with laser sharp focus. They are having great results and which in turn, motivates them to do more.

Others are relying on their reselling business income more than ever. And that is a HUGE motivator. Those bills keep a’coming.

I think I fall somewhere in the middle. My motivation seems to ebb and flow. What about you?

Here are a few things that I’ve been doing or using to help me get over that listing lethargy:

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The Reseller’s Report – A New Feature on YouTube

Hey everyone! Just a quick note to let you know about a new feature that I’m starting up on YouTube, called The Reseller’s Report! (This post may contain affiliate links. You can read my full policy here)

This was actually my husband’s idea. I’ll tell you the story real quick and then the video is down below. I think you’ll be able to watch it here..but feel free to go into YouTube and subscribe to my channel as well. Thanks!

So Hubby and I have been watching Antiques Roadshow (through Britbox on Amazon Prime) while we’re home hanging out. The original British one…the one we realized has all the really OLD stuff. It’s fascinating.

What we love about the show really are the stories. Don’t get me wrong, the values are cool too. But the stories of the great, great, great grandparents and the car boot sales and all of that…is so fun!

It’s what I love about thrifting and selling as well…especially the vintage. The thrill of the hunt…the stories of the finds…but also the stories behind the items themselves. And the research! I love the research.

So we decided to share some of the stories with you. We’ll see how this series goes. We pulled a few items that I plan to get listed soon and I’m sharing their stories with you. Let me know what you think.

Oh and please excuse the quarantine hair. 😉

Tips for Moving a Reselling Business

Well we done did it. We’ve moved our family and businesses over to our new state of Montana. Still working on some of the paperwork and some things have to wait until offices and businesses open up again. (This post may contain affiliate links. You can read my full policy here)

Big Sky Country!

Having moved my reselling business a few times over the years…twice across the entire country…I can tell you that there’s no ONE right way to do it.

A lot depends on how far you are moving, naturally. Will your inventory be tied up for a week or more? Or just a couple of days?

Another factor is your level of organization. And how much warning or notice you have about the move.

So having just undertaken the fairly daunting task of moving a reselling business and not lost or broken anything….AND having continued to make a bit of money through the whole process….I thought I’d share a few of the things I learned.

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Reselling in Turbulent Times

I think I have mentioned before that we were thinking of moving. We recently went on a trip to our moving destination of choice…Montana (see picture above! Hubby took that one on our trip) and things happened very quickly. (This post contains affiliate links. See our full policy page for details)

We have a duplex on hold for us and the idea is to get the keys and officially rent it by April 1st. Yes, THIS April 1st. We returned home with an overwhelming sense of how much work we had to do!!

When we left for that trip…talk of epidemics and viruses was just a murmur. But the whispers grew and in just the week since we’ve gotten home…have become a roar.

My Top 8 Surprising Flips of 2019

The past few years in January, I’ve done a Top Thrifting Finds post. It’s always fun to go back and take a look at how the year went and review some of the highlights of the thrifting year. (This post may contain affiliate links. You can read my full policy here)

This year I decided to do something a bit different. And of course it’s mid February already but better late than never. (Honestly, I was still in debate with myself about blogging and had even played around with starting a fresh new blog but in the end…came back to here. Hopefully you’ll see me around a bit more often again. 😉 )

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